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Be sure and Vote; Flame Throwers for all Households (say some)

Good Monday Morning, buckle up your seat belts it is going to be one hellva ride this week. It is for me anyway. So I am trying to do my blog before it starts and I forget about it. Which us old poots have a tendency to do.

I have read way to many stories about politicians interfering with police business as it concerns the riots and even some where board members were arrested at the protest. Have you noticed the politicians saying the protest need to continue until they get their needs met, and of course they always reference them as peaceful protest. Then these same states expect the government to bail them out since their "peaceful protest" will cost the states hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild. Rebuild what? Since they were peaceful there is nothing to rebuild right!?! But then again this is all about politics and one political party is willing to crash the economy and burn down cities just to get a political edge by creating an emotional uproar against the president. Imagine what this country would be like if people cared and respected each other and each others stuff and had one common goal to make this country as great as it can be. And I believe that starts with supporting the Law Enforcement of this Nation and allowing them to do the job they are dedicated to doing.

In this cartoon I wanted to highlight the mayor. Even if they are not the ones actually setting the fires they are responsible for establishing a culture and climate in the city that allows and accepts this behavior. So for all practical purposes they are manning the flame throwers. I also wanted to highlight the weapon of choice the skate board. How many times have you noticed a skate board being used as a weapon against others? And of course the umbrella and baseball bat, who can go to a riot without these weapons? Of course you only bring these when your going to a "peaceful protest".

Anyway it is time for me to saddle up for an all day online records review and I am not talking about going over some 45's of the Beatles and maybe some Three Dog Night. This is way more exciting than that, this is going over maintenance records of 8 pipelines, "yee haw" what could be more fun.

Have a great week, stay safe and if your going to a peaceful protest make sure to at least take your skate board and umbrella. Do not worry the mayor will bring the flame thrower.

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