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White Privilege

Good Monday, we can only hope anyway. Getting old just sucks, my wife just asked if I remembered something, to which I commented "What? Me remember something?" haha got a big laugh. I then look down at my page of notes I have to use to create this post.

I just had to comment on the recent rioting. It is amazing to me that people are using the Minneapolis tragedy to break into stores and steal stuff and burn down businesses. I read the comments, but if it was your kid you would riot. Ugh no, I would not riot, I would seek justice which has noting to do with rioting, stealing and burning down businesses. Then of course the next comment is always but your white you have "White Privileges". This term burns my ass, I want to shout out "Bullshits" to this comment, but I have to be PC. So I shut my mouth. Let me tell you a little about my "White Privileges". I was raised poor white trash in a small oilfield community were my dad worked everyday of his life to make ends meet. We did not take vacations, we drove old cars we had to work on all the time. We lived in old houses we had to do all the repairs on ourselves. Sure we always had food, if you count fried potatoes sandwiches or mustard sandwiches or spam. I started working as a farm laborer when I was 10 years old. I could go on but this gets depressing to me. I guess that is just a symptom of my "White Privileges". Sorry about jumping on that pity pot. I really have to reel it in and just stay PC correct and say, yeah your right without my "White Privileges" I would be stealing me a new TV.

Coffee break.

Recently my cartoons are starting to have more of a editorial feel towards current events. While I enjoy current events I have to remind myself that I have a cabinet of old cartoons on past events that I cannot use in my calendar business. Editorial cartoons have no shelf life. Speaking of shelf life the same is with custom cartoons. I often get request from businesses to do specific cartoons with their logo on them. They are always shocked when I quote them a price. My quote has to include my time lost on the custom cartoon. Which means my quote is for the total life of a cartoon that I have created that I can reuse as posters and calendar art. They are shocked because they must think I have nothing to do with my time and that I must be able to create cartoons in my sleep like one ever two minutes. It takes me at least 4 hours to do a black and white cartoon and at least 6 hours on the color cartoons. I had one guy that wanted a weekly cartoon and wanted me to use his employees as the characters and for his reimbursement to me he would use my work in his monthly sales brochure. I had to walk away before I started laughing in his face.

Anyway that is my weekly rant. Have a great week and if you get the urge for a new TV, just go buy it after all you just have to mention, "White Privilege" and they will give it to you for one dollar.

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