• Steve and Melissa Burnett

When your better off with a Police Mule rather than a Police Dog

Good Monday although to say good morning would not be accurate, but hey at least it is Monday. Crazy Monday, had an online part of my day job and a supervisor phone conference so to say I was stressed out might be an understatement.

I am up and moving about much slower than usual but I am getting around. I am afraid it might be time for me to get my back repaired or at least as much as they can for us old farts.

This cartoon is based on defunding the police, still the stupidest thing I have heard in my life. I read where the communities that have cut the police force and defunded the police force are having a 400 % increase in crime and they are wondering what happened, duh do you really wonder or just afraid your stupidity is showing. Anyway I was thinking what would be some of the first things they might cut and how would the police force compensate for them and of course I am a illustrator humorist so this was what I came up with.

And just in case anybody is wondering, if you have an old camera like this around please fill free to send it to me. You know just to clean out your garage so you can have room for a new car. I do love old cameras. I do not have any film moving cameras but I do have an old Graflex 4x5 Crown Graphic. I used to use it when I had my own darkroom. It was great for printing posters. I could rotate my Omega Enlarger and print off the floor and get a great 22 x 17 inch print. The fun part was developing it. I did not have room in my bedroom closet darkroom. I would have to wait until it was dark outside then go use the bathtub to develop the print. I had a lady that my mom knew approach me with a project. She had a photo of her grandfather and her grandmother but not in the same picture. I had to enlarge one more than the other to get the perspective correct then reverse print one so they would be facing each other. I then printed them, cut out the images and painted a neutral background and pasted them together. I was then able to shoot a 4 X 5 inch negative and make a larger print of them both in the same image. It came out rather well if I do say so myself. I even did it for her at 1/3rd of what the studio wanted to do the job. Unfortunately for me she never paid me for it, ugh you just cannot please people, but then again I was just a dumb kid so what did I know about money.

So if you ever promise to pay a dumb kid for a job, pay them. It s just the right thing to do.

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