• Steve and Melissa Burnett

When Pigs Fly

Good Monday Morning. I am back on schedule yee haw. I am amazed at how long it takes me to get back on schedule after a break. Have no idea if this is an old man thing or if I have always been this way.

This cartoon is a hit. When I am reviewing my post there are a few keys I look for to see if the cartoon is a hit. One key is in linkedin, if my post is getting one like per hundred views then it is average. If it is getting less then that of course it is below average. This cartoon is getting ten likes per hundred views so it is categorized as a hit. I keep this information to use when I am selecting my calendar cartoons and when I am looking for reruns. This cartoon is also posted on some pipeline and oilfield groups in facebook and is doing very well. If has 196 likes on the pipelines page and 5 comments in less than 24 hours after the post. I usually average 15 likes and one comment so it must be a hit there as well. Of course it is specific to the pipeline industry so I expected more likes, however I did not expect that many. I always remember what my favorite art instructor Don Stroud would say when myself or my buddy, Richard Evertt did an acceptable art project, "Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while." I know that sounds like an insult and in today's culture would get him fired, but we loved Mr. Stroud and he was always playful with us and we enjoyed his joking and kidding even if it had some truth in it.

This cartoon concept had set in my book of ideas for about a year. I knew it lacked something but I just could not figure it out. That is until I saw a post on social media. It said, " I am sick of people mistaking intelligence for education." I thought that is so true. Some of the smartest people I worked with in the oilfield and in education were not the ones with degrees. I have known engineers that accidentally killed a well just because they did not check their math and had the decimal in the wrong place. Costing the company 1.2 million to abandon the well and redrill. When I worked offshore we had a new concept separator designed and delivered to the platform. The company had it delivered to our base in Galveston, loaded it onto a barge and with a heavy duty crane that could lift it off the barge onto the platform. It was then taken 100 miles into the Gulf of Mexico only to discover it would not fit between the drill deck and production deck due to the size of it. Not one person thought to check the clearance on the platform before starting the design of the project. For whatever reason when I read that post I thought of this cartoon. It seemed to be the perfect fit when I added the engineered designer to the cartoon. I also have to thank my editor for spending a lot of time with me working on the placement of the pig. I do appreciate the feedback comments and work she puts in my cartoons. Thanks sweetie.

The cartoon also has a Chinook helicopter flying over. This image is a dedication to our region manager on my day job retiring. When he was in the Army he was part of the maintenance crew on the Chinooks.

Thanks for reading and I offer this oilfield prayer for all. May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new, for all else we can overcome, amen.

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