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We Shall Overcome

Good Monday on Tuesday, ok ok yes I know I am a day late. My day job had me leaving early Monday to drive to an audit and I did not have time to post. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Ohh what a fun weekend. Spent Friday afternoon and all day Saturday in the plumbing business, ugh yes again. I had bought a drain snake and was bringing up bits of hair on it after I would encounter the obstruction about 8 feet into the sewage line. So I thought I was getting smart. I decided if it is hair I should rig up a small wire wheel from a Dremel tool on the end of the snake to better latch on the obstruction. Which I did and boy did I latch onto it. I pulled so hard trying to get it to move it stretched the wire on the snake. Now I am thinking what if the wire breaks that would be an expensive fix, what if I pull so hard the pipe breaks? I decided to try and spin the snake and see if it would unlatch which thankfully it did. So my wife suggested we go with a drain cleaner called the "Green Gobbler". Of course no stores locally carried it so we had to trot into Lubbock to get it. I have to admit it really worked well. I have tried acids before with minimal luck, but this stuff is good. The drains work better than it ever has since we moved into the Mesa Mansion.

Now to the cartoon. Since my time was limited this weekend I did not have the time to do a color cartoon. I had wanted to do a Biden toon since I am a supporter of the petroleum industry. This cartoon was done in 2016 and had Obummer doing the stabbing when he suggested a $10 a bbl of tax on the petroleum industry. I decided to try and do a partial image edit which I have not tried before. The original cartoon paper was a different brand which has a different texture to it so I knew the crosshatching lines and shadows might be a problem. Doing the art was not a big deal and getting it all lined up was just a matter of two sided tape which remined me of my days of doing paste up art in the 70's. A skill which most people have no idea what I am talking about. So I scanned in the image. I was a little surprised that my scanned created a dark line on the left side of the pasted edit. The crosshatching was also much darker on the edit. I was able to make satisfactory corrections in my paint program to get the cartoon presentable. Which I was surprised it was so easy to blend the crosshatching and take out the shadows. I will have to keep that in mind should I need to do more image edits. So much for the technical side of the toon. I think sometimes I would like to create a youtube series on cartooning. I think it is a lost art. Of course mine would be about developing hand skills and short cuts to things that took me years of self developing my skills. If anyone has any thoughts on that send me a note I would appreciate it.

I have stated before that I try to stay away from editorial cartoons since they have no shelf life. I do also have to admit my editorial cartoons get way more attention than my daily life humor. This leads to quite a dilemma for me, do I do the ones that get the most attention or do I go with the ones that I can use in my calendars? I have to admit I do enjoy editorial cartoons since I never have to search for story lines and subjects. I have done an editorial series before with the Weatherford Democrat and North Texas Daily. I have discovered that editorial cartoons can be pretty persuasive in determining public opinion. I had two incidents that my cartoons were given undue credit for back when I was doing my series. My cartoons only reflected the actions of the results of what the of individual did. My cartoon did not influence them on creating the event. However I was blamed by some close friends on the results of the event. I have always looked back on the advice of the late Etta Hume, that editorials only draw attention to an event like a smoke detector and it is the audiences responsibility to come to the smoke event and determine the cause of the fire. I would love to be able to turn my editorial cartoons into a full time job. One obstacle I have discovered is that since my views are conservative most media outlets are very liberal therefore my cartoons are not acceptable. I have recently come across the Epoch Times and I do believe in the views of the paper. I have submitted editorial samples to them without any results so far. I will keep knocking on that door. I am open to any advice on that avenue as well. Thanks.

Since this cartoon is about the Petroleum Industry I will offer my Oilfield Prayer. I have been asked about the origins of the Oilfield Prayer. It is actually my thought process when I was working offshore and was kind of a prayer for me. I know it was selfish of me to prioritize my needs first thing in the mornings when I woke up but that was my process. I hate getting my feet wet and I have no idea where that came from. A lot the time in the Gulf at the end of the shift my boots would be wet so my first thoughts in morning was oh lord please let my boots be dry, which was followed with let the coffee be fresh. Most mornings it was hit and get it to be on the deck asap, which meant I seldom had time to wait for a fresh pot of coffee. And there is noting better than starting the day with a new fresh pair of gloves, and noting worse than having to pull on an oil soaked pair of gloves first thing in the morning unless it is pulling on a pair of wet boots for another 12 hour shift. Oilfield workers are very resilient and can and will overcome some of the most extreme obstacles to create positive results. So I always knew that to me it was the little things that I could not change that I needed a prayer for because I knew my team and I could overcome all the big things.

May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome. Amen.

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