• Steve and Melissa Burnett

“Wake up Uhmerika.”

I started to write about a different cartoon yesterday but then witnessed the history making fall of the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTI). The price fell to -$37.50 per barrel. I posted this cartoon on my social media, since it is one that I have gotten a lot of feedback on in the past and I was just looking for one to lighten the load from the stressful day. I also added my oilfield prayer; “May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome, Amen.” I also added, “We will overcome, but buckle up it is going to be one hell’va ride.” Someone commented that it was the perfect summary to the days market crash. I have to revisit the image. I see what he was referring to. Yesterdays market crash was like riding in a gang truck in a tornado and your only option is to buckle up and hang on and hope for the best.

I was raised in the oilfields and I have witnessed the crashes and recovers of this crazy industry. I was working in the industry when the price of oil hit $8.00 per barrel so I have a good idea on how long a recovery will take. It took 27 years to recovery from the $8.00 per barrel crash. This unprecedented crash will take an unprecedented recovery, this could easily take 40 years to recover. To say this has me a little stressed is an understatement.

I blame the globalist whom want to put World order ahead of the United States. These are the people whom allowed Saudi Arabia have the largest refinery in the United States in Port Arthur Texas and to supply 6 states with fuel. Whom is the Saudi Refinery going to buy its oil from to supply the 6 states? It sure the hell ain't WTI.

I knew this country was in serious trouble when several years ago I read about the United States sending iron ore to China so they could build stuff and sale it back to us. And the United States moving factories to Mexico so our companies could cut cost since they only pay the employees $80 per week. The only way we could compete with that is to lower the blue-collar living standards to an $80 per week income.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, I hope it has taught us that we cannot sustain as country as long as we are dependent on others for goods and services. We must put the United States first and become dependent on ourselves to serve all our needs and goods and this includes our petroleum needs.

We need to nationalize all the foreign refineries in the United States and turn them over to our petroleum companies. After all if you look back on the history of petroleum that is exactly what Saudi Arabia did in 1980 after the United States Companies drilled and developed all the oilfields in Saudi Arabia.

As Earl Pitts would say, “Wake up Uhmerika.”

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