• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Wake up 'Merica

Good Monday Morning. I hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine was crazy busy. I was on state wide on-call for my day job and I have never had this many calls. I even had to talk to two different sheriffs departments over reports relating to my day job. Ugh sounds like I work for the CIA or some other secret alphabet soup agency. The truth of the matter is somebody high up on the chain of command was offended by my cartoons at one time so I cannot mention any specifics about my day job should the higher ups become more offended and make a request I shut down my cartoons. It is a crazy world we live in these days.

This cartoon is in reference to cities wanting to eliminate the police officers qualified immunity. Qualified immunity basically says if a police officer is operating within his training to complete his job he cannot be sued. So basically if they are doing their job as they have been trained then they cannot be sued. To eliminate police officers qualified immunity means a person could sue a police officer for doing their job, like writing a traffic ticket. This will lead to two things. First, what officer is going to do their job when they can be sued for anything. Secondly, those officers that do their job will end up spending countless hours and resources defending themselves. You think cities have trouble getting law enforcement officers now, wait until this becomes part of the job. We all know that to sue somebody for litigation is always about simply looking for the truth, haha, how funny is that. People get sued all the time to tie them up in litigation because they know the person they are filing against will sometimes take the lessor of two evils and just pay a settlement. For example my ex tied up our divorce for 3 years in court and her strategy was to force me into bankruptcy so I could no longer fight for custody of my sons. Great strategy after 45K on attorney fees I had to throw in the towel. All the things she was filing suit over had no merit and was never based on facts yet I had to pay an attorney to go to court to fight each charge and this went of for 3 years. Ugh it really still makes me mad to this day. I cannot imaging putting law enforcement officers through that and I cannot image anybody taking a job that would allow that. This is just another tool the crazy left is using to eliminate law enforcement.

As Earl Pitts would say; "Wake up 'Merica", if we do not stop this Socialism Crazy Liberal Left free fall we will be finished with this great experiment we call democracy before our grand kids have a chance to grow up.

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