• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Urine Test Sharks

Good Monday Morning. I hope everybody had a great nights sleep because one of you got my share. I have no idea how you pulled it off, but if you will kindly return it I will not ask any questions. I am just glad I am not driving across the state today, that would be no fun at all. I am driving but just a short drive.

This weeks cartoon is about my reflecting on some of the crazy stories I have heard about people trying to beat the urine test. Since part of my day job is inspecting DOT drug and alcohol programs, I do hear a fair amount of funny stories. Did you know there is a whole industry that is built on products to use to beat a urine test. Most of it I could not use in my family cartoons, nor would I want to. I do not even remember what started me thinking about the stories, but something triggered them. As soon as a rumor starts about some product deleting the drug residue in you, it is amazing how fast it becomes a thing. And who am I to say that drug uses lack common sense, but then again there is lots of documented cases were users drank bleach since the rumor had it that it killed drug residue in you. So why not use a shark as a urine test antidote. The shark also represents how far the user will go to beat the test, and how obvious it really is at the sample lab and with the technicians. Yes, I also know that I used a 70's stereotype for user. But hey I am an old boomer and besides that it is funny even if you will not admit it. Besides what other excuse could I use to watercolor a leopard skin jacket. Notice the rig is a Sundown Rig which is my way of shouting out to my hometown of Sundown. I have been asked before if the rig numbers actually mean anything, to which I answer not really. Sometimes if I think of it when I am doing the numbers I will use the football number of some of the players I used to take the field with. So I will leave that open in case some of my old roughneck buddies see their numbers on my cartoons.

I have made one change to my cartoon props that some people have noticed. I used to put the Texas Tech double T's in middle of Wilmer's bib overalls. And before you ask "Wilmer" is a family name from my mother's side. She was a descendant of Irish immigrants and yes I know too that Wilmer is considered a German name. How the German name became associated with Irish immigrants I have no idea. Anyway I have stopped using the Texas Tech logo. I have always been a fan of Texas Tech and having grown up in the South Plains where Tech is king it was just natural to use it. However I contacted Tech just wanting to get their permission to use the logo, just to be fair and a good honest citizen. But Tech never responded with either a nay nor sure go for it. After a bit of reflecting I decided "why give them the free advertising?", after all I attended South Plains College in Levelland and under the direction of the late great art instructor Don Stroud whom instilled in me a life time of motivation to purse my art and a solid foundation of skills to base my life's work on, I should be dedicating my advertising space and respect to South Plains College. Wilmer's bib overalls will now support South Plains College (SPC). I also attended The University of North Texas (UNT) were I received my BFA in visual art studies. My foundation of art from SPC was so strong that UNT accepted all my art classes upon a portfolio review. That was also after 20 years difference between my applying at UNT and my work at SPC. I also got my grad degree from Tarleton State University (TSU), which had noting to do with art. Anyway so you may see several references to college and universities in my cartoons however Texas Tech will not be one of them.

Have a great week and if anybody sees a shark laying around, leave it alone it will not help you pass a urine test.

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