• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Trinity Meadows, 1991

Good Monday afternoon. I almost forgot to do my weekly blog. Since I have dropped the newspaper cartoons my art routine has suffered, however my free time has boomed. It would be a lie for me to say I do not miss my cartooning but it would also be a lie for me to say I do not enjoy my new found free time. It is like the first time in 7 years I am not working 10-16 hours ever weekend. I cannot name one person that bought a calendar that did due to seeing my cartoons in a newspaper. Guess it was time to look for other avenues to market my art. I have always considered myself to be a commercial artist so it is time to look for profit avenues for my work.

This illustration was an attempt to sale tee shirts. The illustration was created when the first horse racing venue opened in Texas back in 1991. The track was Trinity Meadows in Willow Park Texas, Parker County. I was living in Weatherford Texas in 1991 while working offshore for Pennzoil in the Gulf of Mexico. I found out the person that had all the rights for all Tee Shirt Sales for Trinity Meadows had a store in Granbury Texas. I had tried to sale tee shirts before and knew the only money to made in it was the actual sale of the tee shirts. I had lined up a silk screen tee shirt business and got my price charts ready and made my sales pitch to this person in Granbury. As usual they only wanted the art so they could sale the shirts. Their best off was $45 for the art. I guess I should have been honored they wanted to use my work but at $45 that came out to less than $5 per hour. I just as soon keep my work if that is all I can get for it, so I have a great collection of work that my wife will get to have one heck of bon fire with someday. The cartoon is 100% watercolor. My watercolor cartoons I did for the newspapers had a black ink outline which cut down on my having to be precise with my controlled watercolor puddles. When I do the 100% without the ink the watercolor puddles have to be very precise. Some day when I am teaching watercolors I will expand on my theory on water color puddles. To me the theory/philosophy of puddles makes the whole process easier to understand and learn. And yes it is my own theory/philosophy which I may find a commercial use for in the future. I am thinking about using some of my cartoons as advertising for local restaurants but have not put together a sales portfolio of them yet. This week I am putting together the 2022 calendars and hoping to get them on the website asap.

I like the quote that says; "If your looking for searching for that one person that will change your life, look in the mirror." To me that says I am in charge of this journey and the decisions to find value in it. Stay safe, after all your the only one that keep you safe.

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