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To cartoon Teach or not to cartoon Teach; That is the Question

Good Monday morning, it is going to be a great week, at least I am up at 5 am trying to convince myself of that. For me it takes great quantities of black coffee to jump start the day and the week. Monday is a tough one for me, and not just because it is Monday. It is my transition day from a weekend of intense in the studio cartooning. I have heard people say, "Intense what is intense about cartooning?" I cannot speak for other cartoonist but for me it takes a pretty good effort and about 15-16 hours of intense work to pull off two cartoons and one of them in watercolors. I am not saying I do not enjoy the work, I am just saying it ain't easy for me. That maybe were my philosophy on art differs from others. I have heard the Westerns Aesthetics philosophy quoted a lot especially since I used to teach art. The Western Aesthetics is that art and being an artist is something you are born with, you just have it or you don't. To which I throw a bs flag on that. I used to hear it from students as excuses as to why they did not put any effort in a assigned art project. I also heard it from students whom thought they were artist therefore anything they did had to be art and would do for the assigned project. Art is like any skill, and yes it is a skill. If you put the work into it you get the results. Like any skill, those that are interested in it spend time developing skills and working the skills therefore they are better at it. Like any skill it takes steps to learn to develop a higher level of skill. Just like math. Imagine if we thought math was the same as Western Aesthetics you either had it or you did not. Therefore we would only offer it in high school and not offer it in the lower grades to develop any basic skills with it. Imagine how frustrating that would be to have your first class as an algebra since you either had it or you did not. That is the same frustration students have when they take art class for the first time. Or how about sports? Ok yeah well Johnny is slow and cannot throw the football but he is a born quarterback therefore you have to play him.

Ugh my rambling fever hit me, sorry that was not where I imaged this blog going today. I wanted to talk about my cartoon Teach. I really wanted to do this one in watercolors, but I have a much larger market in with Law Enforcement, so it makes sense to do the watercolors for my larger markets. I have not found a way to develop the education market. I enjoyed my time spent teaching. I do miss working with kids and adults as students. I did not enjoy the political "Good ole Boy System" of education and will save that for another post. I was posting in a teachers group but I was getting a lot of negative feedback from a young liberal crowd whom promotes the GLSEN Education 31 Gender Program. So my cartoons were offensive to them so they would post sarcastic "boomer" comments. I know teachers have a great sense of humor and enjoy cartoons. However I do not agree with the 31 gender program and do not see any place for if in our education programs. So I had to stop posting in the teacher groups. Had I seen anybody defending my work I would have stayed but it wasn't the case.

So until I figure out how to promote to the teachers, that is the teachers that are not so caught up in promoting their own agenda, I will not be able to prioritize the Teach cartoon. If anybody has any ideas please let me know.

Time for more coffee so I can change gears and get ready for my full time job as a pipeline integrity inspector. The federal government declared us essential so I am working just like normal for me. Which means travel and a lot more contact with others. I have a gallon sanitizer dispenser in my truck, right by my gallon coffee dispenser. I just hope I am awake enough when I leave this morning to know the difference.

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