• Steve and Melissa Burnett

The Great TP Safari

This cartoon is based on what is going on in this crazy world. Who would have thought that a simple thing like toilet paper could change our whole mindset. I was thrown in a panic when I realized that it was not just some TV news story but it was real. A toilet paper shortage in Plainview? My sister called and told me her daughter was in need for some and the local stores were empty. I had a couple of weeks supply so not a big deal. I also live close to her daughter so I dropped off a couple of rolls and I thought hey I'll just run by the store and get some more. Boy was I surprised, none in the Plain town and I heard none in the big city of Lubbock.

This set off my two week adventure of hitting stores in Plainview, Lubbock and Levelland. Then lucky me, I was traveling through the city of Level heads and my sister called and said the local Wally World had a shipment. I was 15 minutes from it so I dropped in at about 8:30 am. I was somewhat taken back to discover the TP isle was barricaded and had a security guard taken requests. After standing in line for a few minutes he asked me what I wanted. I thought to myself, "is this some kind of joke? I stand in line for toilet paper, to see an isle that only has toilet paper and read a sign that says only one toilet paper package per customer and the security guard ask me what I want?" I replied give me some of the magic stuff. Then to add a little more stress to the adventure when I go to check out my credit card is rejected. Ugh my thoughts are I have just acquired the elusive TP and will not be able to keep it due my dang card being rejected. The common sense kicks in and I think wait, there is no reason my card should be rejected. So I call and attendant over and they reset the checkout machine and my card works.

I was amused and how proud I was of getting the once simple product of toilet paper. That is when I was thinking I need to take a picture of my trophy which inspired the cartoon. I have to give credit to Melissa for rewriting my narrative on the cartoon. I am lucky to have a writer as a wife. Of course I did not have my son with me nor was I wearing hunting camo. However tying the toilet paper to the hood of my truck might have been a mistake.

My middle son works for the Federal Park service in Kentucky at the Land Between the Lakes. He told me that the virus has driving all the crazies to the woods. He said they are busier than ever with people thinking it is the apocalypse and they are moving to the woods to survive. And I thought buying toilet paper was stressful.

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