• Steve and Melissa Burnett

The Difference Between a B and D on your License

Good Morning Monday plus 1. Ugh yep I missed the day but I have a good excuse. Friday I heard one of our employees from my day-job is retiring. Soo I spent the weekend doing a tribute cartoon for him. I have done a few of those over the years and I always forget how time consuming they are. Doing the caricature part is always difficult for me. I have read books and studied artist that have that skill but for some reason for me it is always a struggle. Anyway that took up most of my weekend. I was able to start this cartoon but did not finish it until Monday morning, then my day job demanded I drive 5 hours for weekly job.

The Beer License/Deer License cartoon is a tribute to my son whom is a Park Ranger at the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. I am amazed at how big that park is,170000 acres and at some of the stuff they have to put up with. They have their own police department and my son as the Ranger can retain anybody until the police arrive. I am sure most of his interaction with the public and campers are great. I was also amazed as well behaved and clean the campsites were. Everywhere we went there were kids ridding bicycles, and I think that speaks volumes on how safe the park is and how comfortable the public is with the park.

I am still disgusted at the protest and stupid and weak public officials that are voting to defund their police departments. Austin Texas cut 150 million from their police budget, canceled the current police training academy, and will be laying off at least 150 officers. Austin is already looking like San Francisco with the homeless population. My day job's offices are in Austin and I have to spend at least a week a year there. Fun times in the old town coming January 2021. I am interested to see how the city looks in a few months. You can also bet my activities while in town will be very limited to say the least.

Wake up Amerika, there will be no safe cities nor safe spaces without Law Enforcement. Defund the police and get ready for a Wild West atmosphere in the cities. The fastest gun will set all the rules.

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