• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Thanks Oilfield for what you do, have a grin on me.

Good Monday Morning. I had a great weekend and week. I am home for online training. I forgot how much I enjoy being home. With my day job I am on the road so much I get used to staying in a Holiday Inn Express. But the last two weeks and the next two I am scheduled to be at home, fun fun. You know you have been on the road to long when you have to introduce yourself to your wife.

This cartoon proved to be a little more complex than I had imaged. It is based on a pipeline pig receiver/launcher. It is also part of my attempt to move to safety related images that I might be able to turn into safety posters. I debated on whether I needed to have the word pipeline in the narrative. I decided since the pipeline is part of the image that I did not need to mention it. However if the audience does not know what they are looking at, then again maybe I should have mentioned it. That is the problem with doing cartoons about an industry I am familiar with. I presume the audience knows what I am talking about. Like the pneumatic air gun in this one. If you do not know what it is the cartoon loosing some of its humor. Anyway this cartoon is industry specific and since 80% of the newspapers that use my cartoons are in the oilfields most of my audience will get the cartoon. The real problem is will the editors get the cartoon. I have noticed most editors have never worked in the oilfields. The real trouble with this cartoon is the characters are the smallest I have ever water colored and sketched. My original thoughts was the snowflake needed to be in a full standing position in the horizontal position. I also had DI the foreman standing behind Wilmer. That sketch had the characters even smaller than they are in the sketch. It took some sketching to move them around and they were still too small. I started looking at previous cartoons and come across the one with the characters in chairs on a forklift. It hit me that if I put the snowflake in sitting position I could reduce the space needed and increase the size of the characters. Since it was a new size I had to sketch the whole image and not use my cheat tracing portable light table. I never realize how much time the light table saves me except when I cannot use it. So this one is for the oilfield and pipeliners. The oilfields have been good to me and my family. My work is about bringing honor and respect to the blue collar workers who are the backbone of America, so for the oilfield workers who still lay it on the line everyday I say; "Thanks for what you do, have a grin on me."

An amusing note on this cartoon. We have been having some ongoing sewage drainage problems and Friday I tried to do some clean out on it and had to order a bigger drain snake. Which I was not thinking about as I put this cartoon together or at least not consciously. The first thing my wife says when she sees this one is, "I know where this one came from.", I had to stop and think for a minute then I dawned on me. We had a good chuckle on that one.

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