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Texas or Bust

Good Monday Morning, and a Happy Labor Day to everybody. Just when I think I am back on track and even have a Holiday were I do not have to work so I can just sit around. Ugh 6 am and we discover our credit cards have been compromised. This maybe a long day after all.

I apologize for not getting a blog done last week. It was one those crazy weeks. I After struggling all weekend completing just one cartoon. I then had a week of online classes for my day job and never seemed to catch up enough were I could sit down for a few minutes and clear my head enough to write a blog. Hopefully I am back on track, but then again working for the government were everything is fluid, I never really know.

This cartoon is about the mass migration out of California. I had heard about it and read few articles on it, but did not think about it too much. That is until I spent a week at a motel in Amarillo for my day job. Every morning the parking lot had at least a dozen UHaul trucks in it. I was a little stunned the first morning until I remembered what I had heard about the migration. I had also read that some of the new housing developments in Amarillo were being filled by Californians. All the UHaul trucks just really brought it home to me that the migration really is real.

I have lived in Texas all my life and spent over 27 years in the DFW Metro Mess so I know about other state's residences migrating to Texas and of course a lot of other countries as well and yes some illegal as well as legal. This has always been a part of Texas. You will discover we have some of the most diverse cultures you will ever live in. We are also very tolerant and accepting. We are used to different accents and different ways of saying and doing things, we have seen and heard it all in our public schools and on our job sites. So when I was visiting out of state a few years ago I was somewhat taken back when somebody made comments about my accent and the way we say things. Maybe it was being raised in the South but I would never comment on someones accent. I was also taught to be tolerant and not make any comments on someone else's culture. I may disagree with the way you do things but unless your affecting my safety I will let you do it the way you want.

So to be sure I am getting my point across I want to make a few points about coming to Texas. First off you left your culture for a reason, do not come to Texas and bring your mess with you and expect to change our culture into the one you left. My second point is if you do not agree with the way we do things in Texas do not complain nor make snide comments about it, besides nobody sent you a personal invitation to Texas, it you do not like it get back in your UHaul and go back to where you came. I promise you Texas will not miss you.

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