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Suing the Weatherford Democrat

Good Monday Morning. I had a great 3 day weekend with seeing family, cooking out and moving boulders. Long story on the boulders, but at my age, a 200 lbs boulder is a real pain to get out of the back of a minivan.

I mentioned I am sometimes amazed at what people interpret in my work. So this week I am sharing a sample of that.

This is an older cartoon from my days of doing editorial cartoons for the Weatherford Democrat in. This cartoon is from 2001. Hudson Oaks was the only place in Parker County that sold any alcohol. I found it amusing that although they had all the beer and wine the whole county could possible need, they were always having to ration their water supply. So in my mind, that seeks humor in everything, it was just natural to explore what they could use all that beer for in place of the water which they seemed to always be in short supply of. This was the first cartoon in a series of two. The City of Hudson Oaks calls the editor of the Weatherford Democrat and threatens to sue the newspaper for slander if they do not publish a retraction. They claim I have drawn a cartoon depicting their fire department chief whom they have just fired due to his drinking problem. They claim this since the person washing his truck looks just like him and the truck looks just like the one he drives, and since he is using beer. The editor calls me up to discuss the cartoon. I am very amused, I had no idea about the firing of the chief much less what he looks like nor his truck. I just drew a random guy washing a random truck. I have discovered that the people that make the biggest fuss about being offended usually have the most to hide. It is almost like their conscience is bothering them. I had several experiences were something would come out later after the person complained and it would then all make sense to me why they were offended.

Well I have to wrap it up early I have a long drive for my real job this week. Everybody stay safe and have a great week.

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