• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Snowflakes on Autopilot

Good Monday Morning. I hope everybody is ready for a great week. I had a great week with the exception of the crazy drain lines still plugging up. It is driving me crazy simple because it is very random. It is an easy, but temporary solution. Climb on the roof and run a snake in the vent. Fun fun, Friday it was not a problem all day. I am taking my shower and boom it stops draining. Every time I am on the roof I remember my dad unplugging a drain line by pouring an acid in a vent on the roof and it blew up the line back into the house, ugh talk about a mess. So guess I am lucky it is just a quick snake event.

This cartoon is my tribute to Texas DPS and also my thoughts on the autopilot and the cars that advertise a pre-accident braking system. I can see the liability lawyers already lining up for these. I am sure as well that there will be a lot of people blaming the vehicle for accidents. If you buy a vehicle that advertisings a system that applies the brakes before an accident then why worry about somebody pulling out in front of you, your vehicle will take care of it so drive worry free. I had considered a cartoon about the subject before, but had not decided on how to approach it. That is until I read the article about the person with a Tesla running into a Michigan Highway Patrol vehicle while it was on full autopilot. The genius driver simply claimed, but it was on autopilot. I did not want to illustrate a larger traumatic crash so I went with a tree. Of course it helps that I like to illustrate trees. After completing the illustration one thing I made note of on my review is that the tree is too small and makes the vehicle look larger than it actually is. I went with bright colors to bring out the vehicle and added the Tesla logo. I could not quite capture the color of the Texas DPS uniform so I went with as close as I could get with the watercolors without having to blend colors. I also went with my basic snowflake driver and added the Dr. Seuss character on his tee shirt. I know using the term "snowflake" is not PC, however the cancel culture liberals do not use any PC filters on what they want to establish and say, so I think us boomer should show them the same level of respect.

I am somewhat concerned about the upcoming Texas Press Association Convention. We have reserved a booth but have yet to pay for it. I am just having trouble justifying the expense of it. With my weekly cartoon submissions to my 31 newspapers I am seeking their wisdom. The problem is most of these newspapers are in towns I do not have a chance to visit so I have no way of knowing if they are using my cartoons. There are a few newspapers in local cities I drive through so I always get a paper. I am disturbed at how many times I pick up one of these papers and my work is not in it. I have also noted that it is common business practice to simple block my emails rather than just tell me that you do not want to use my work. That is another thing that disturbs me, that we have become a nation so jaded that we do not even have a professional courtesy to supply someone with a rejection notice. I much rather have someone say, "We think your work stinks so we are not going to use it." Than to start guessing when my emails stop going through. Anyway I have sent a survey with my weekly submission and just might find out that after 7 years of sending my cartoons to newspapers that they are not being used. I have to admit that is a little scary for me. I like newspapers, my mother was a writer for the local newspaper, and I support them as much as I can. However I may be in the market for other avenues for my work after I get the survey back. It is not that I will stop doing the illustrations, it will just be locating new markets, and of course I will have a little extra cash in my pocket if I cancel the convention booth.

Be safe out there on the roads, because you never know which snowflake is on autopilot, wow I just scared myself with that thought.

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