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Snowflake Fire Watch

Good Monday, I hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine was good I got a lot of work done on the cartoons and felt like I was hitting on all cylinders at least as far as the cartoons were concerned. As far as hitting on all cylinders in other areas not so much. Health wise I think I might be down to one or two cylinders. I had to make a couple of trips up on the roof to work on sewage problems through the vent pipe last week and just climbing on the ladder a few times kicking my tail. I was shocked to see how bad of shape I am in. So with that in mind I have decided I need to do something about it. Of course at my age and with my health issues I am not sure how much a tune up will help without a complete overhaul and perhaps a new engine, then again I am sure my insurance does not cover a new engine. At one point in my life I was a pretty good endurance runner, of course that seems like a couple of life times ago and I know it has no meaning now as bad a shape as I am in. I decided to look for a treadmill, wow I was shocked at how much those things cost. On Friday we decided to run into Lubbock at the Academy and get a treadmill. My wife, Mrs. efficient, decided to see what they had in stock and checked their web site. We were a little taken back to discover they did not have any in stock. I looked on Craigslist which I had been doing for the past week when I started thinking about it. I was surprised to see a new listing for a high end model in Amarillo. This was way more of one then I needed but it was a good price and a new listing so we jumped on it. We had to disassemble it at the sellers house. The owners husband picked up the heavy end (motor side) of the tread portion and I got the light end and we walked through their house to outside to load it in our van. I want to add this because the guy was not a big person and was about my age but he carried that end without and problem and even climbed in the back of the van with it. I could tell it was heavy but I figured I could at least move it the two feet from the van inside our back door where I could push it to the back room. OMG as they say. I could not believe how heavy that thing is. I could not even get it the two feet in the back door. We did finally get it moved in and reassembled but I need to find out what kind of vitamins that guys takes. I am truly impressed. Just to confirm how bad of shape I am in, I walked 15 minutes on the 2 mph setting and was tapped out. Maybe I am only hitting on half a cylinder. Anyway I shall post an update every once in a while and by writing how bad I am I have committed to doing something about it.

The cartoon "Fire Watch", was another of my series on moving to a more of just a safety focused CRUDE cartoon. I will keep the oilfield props for now but move away from humor based on the oilfield. I have always been amused at the term "Fire Watch" and spent quit a few hours on it while I worked offshore especially during the boom years when we had a lot of new platform construction projects going on in the late 70's early 80's. When I wrote the narrative for the toon I was less specific in the wording from the snowflake. However when I was doing the sketch I drew Boss Man JP as being aggressive like he is really mad. Now this is a concept, characters being aggressive and showing emotion, that I have not used in my work since the mid 80's. I met the cartoonist Bill Hinds (Tank McNamara and Buzz Beamer) in Houston while I was working offshore for Pennzoil and his cartoon was in the Houston Post. I actually recognized a Sports Bar he drew in his cartoon as one in Houston so I took a chance he was local and was able to locate him through the Post. Bill was the one that gave me the advice to never let the characters be aggressive nor show emotion. So I have pretty much kept everything bland and the advice was to let the audience decide where the emotion is in the work. However in this toon while sketching it I gave JP some emotion. When I was looking at the sketch I was thinking ok now what would really make JP mad, and that is where the "Chill, Boomer Boss Man" wording came from. I can see a snowflake saying that and I can also see him loosing some teeth over it. However, my toon is based on real life and JP would not knock his teeth out and he would not fire him either, not matter how much he deserves it. It is not that JP is being trying to be politically correct. It is that since mine is based on real life the snowflake is the VP's son. Now you would be surprised at how many VP's sons work for companies. What you say, nepotism is illegal. Anybody that says that has never spent anytime working in any industry. It is just a part of life and you better get used to it and get ready for the snowflakes because they are as consistent as the winter season, they will always be there you just need to make sure you have the gear to deal with them.

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