• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Scheduling Glitch

Good Monday, opps missed one. Sorry about that. After submitting to my newspapers I just got so busy with chores that it absolutely slipped my mind. Of course if you ask my wife she'd say my mind has been slipping more all the time and regrettable I would have to say she is right. I watched my mom go through the dementia so I have a clue of what to look for. I knew when I was in grad school when I was 50 that my mind did not work as sharp and as fast as it used to and that was 13 years ago, yes I am an old fart.

This cartoon was based on an article I read about scheduling programs for law enforcement. I started thinking about what a glitch in that system would look like. After the stresses of last week, and not just about my chores, I was looking to do something more laid back and relaxing. Hopefully my law enforcement audience needed that as well. So in my planning process I had the issue of how do I make it obvious that it is a retired police officer? I thought about law enforcement head gear. I did not think about a standard issue head gear would still be worn in retirement. However I have a campaign hat I wore during my days as a Boy Scout leader, so I thought a retired police officer might very well wear his trooper style campaign hat while retired and fishing. Then I was thinking what other props could I use, and that is were the k-9 came from and the flag. Then I was thinking what would make this water color more relaxing for me. That is where the spanish moss and the cypress trees came into play. I did a cartoon a few years ago with a offshore escape capsule in the swamps with cypress trees and spanish moss that I got a lot of good feedback on, especially from some of my cajun friends. However apparently my memory failed me again. I forgot how time consuming it is to layer in all the coats of water colors to create cypress trees and spanish moss. Ugh, this week I have a week full of online meetings, come on dementia wipe out this week. However with my luck each minute of the meetings this week will probably be burned into my skull like bad ink that I will have to look at everyday when I brush my teeth.

Have a great week and remember; no matter where you go, you're there.


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