• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Rufus's Oilfield Supply House

Good Monday Morning. This was another fast weekend. My wife and I are avid antique hunters and we love oak furniture. She is also a reading fanatic (the only word I could think of that comes close to her). She loves reading and goes through more books in week than I read in a year. I know that does not speak well of my book club. Being a fanatic reader she loves books so when a refinished 1910 Oak Lawyers Bookcase becomes available especially as a good a deal as this one was. We are off like a deer hunter after a 16 point Boone and Crocket Trophy Buck. So Sunday we dropped everything that we were doing and drove 11 hour round trip to bring in the Bookcase Buck. A magnificent specimen it looks great on our trophy wall with the other 5 Lawyers Bookcase Bucks and we are scheduled another hunt with the same guide for two weeks from now.

This cartoon was inspired by a friend of mine whom I now work with in my state job. He used to manage a supply house and was telling me how frustrating it was to try and fill an order when the person had no idea what the part was called, that they needed. He actually used the term when they ask for a "thingamajig". I stated thinking that what would happen if my snowflake was working at the supply house and how would he take the order. Haha, that was the easy part of this cartoon. I know the term "snowflake" is not PC but in my world of reality it is just a fact, and yes there are lots of them. I then think ok so what would make this a critical order and the term "blow out" comes to mind. So if I am going to use the term blow out them to me, the expression, "on a rig somewhere", makes it even funnier. It reminds me how bad the directions I used to get from the company man on the drilling rig giving me directions on how to find the drilling rig when I worked for Ulterra as a MWD Specialist. I had one company man leave the directions that stated, take I-35 until it ends then turn left for two miles. I-35 until it ends? What does that mean? Anyway I did take the directions to discover I-35 ends at the Mexico border and I also found the rig. It is a good thing the drilling rigs are so well lit up at night.

I had a hard time trying to come up with a name for the supply house. I started to use my Uncles supply house name in Odessa, Bobcat Supply. However he has been out of business for many years so I thought Bobcat, cat why not use our cat's name, Rufus. Thus the Rufus Supply house was born. I also wanted to phone number BR 549, if you recognize that number then your an old fart like me. I still run across guys in the field that laugh about that one so I like to sneak it in.

I want to end with my oilfield prayer and if you don't understand this prayer than obviously you have never spent time in the field.

May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome, Amen.

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