• Steve and Melissa Burnett

One for the Car Guys & Girls

Good Morning Monday +1. Sorry had a long road trip with my day job on Monday and did not post. It is a real pain to work for a living, sure will be glad when my "White Privilege" kicks in.

This cartoon is for the car guys and girls. I am the first admit I am not a mechanic. I used to be a good parts changer. It has been a few years since I did any work on autos. My HS car was a 62 Impala SS loved that car. Like a lot of us, wish I still had it. My brother is a great mechanic.

I wish I could say this is 100% my idea, but that would not be true. I saw a picture on facebook with a guy with a car air filter on his head for his COVID mask. I thought that was funny and wanted to expand on it. I love doing the prop art and really enjoy doing automotive stuff. I thought it would be a good idea to expand on the car filter. I tried to work in a blower on the images but I could not get the details work. All my sketches had the blower after the filter which meant the blower was covered behind the air filter so you could not see it anyway. I did put on a muffler. I figured if they had to have an intake they must need an exhaust. I also wanted to add the drink cups but it dawned on me they would need to be filtered. So I put a filter on the straws. I guess I should have made it an inline filter and not the old dip style filter. The problem with adding a lot of props, and this is what I struggle with, is you have to be careful not too overwhelm the audience with a lot of props that just muddy up the image. I have to remind myself that the cartoon is only an 8 second ride for most of the audience. Therefore I have to ask myself will they get the humor in 8 seconds with the amount of props or will they have to spend over the 8 second time limit. If I think it will take more then the 8 seconds I need to start editing out props. I always critique my work and look for what things to improve my work. It is my business model of continuous improvement. On this cartoon I should have made the props larger. It might been easier to comprehend if the art would have been a close up of their upper bodies.

If you have any suggestions/critiques please send me that feedback I welcome all comments. Anyway I have to do some paperwork for my day job before heading to the location today. Ugh it is going to be hot today and 100 percent humidity here.

Have a great rest of your week.

Thanks. Steve.

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