• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Olive Tree Pit Plastics vs Petroleum Plastics

Good Monday Morning. Had a great Turkey week and my football teams celebrated too by playing like turkeys. Oh well such as my luck goes, just glad they are not hanging around like left overs. Although their play leaves a bad taste in my mouth kind-a like a burnt pecan pie, ugh. Glad I had some Shiner Ruby Red to wash the taste out of my mouth. That is some good stuff, I highly recommend it even if you don't have the taste of defeat and/or burnt pecan pie to wash out of your mouth.

This cartoon is a narrative on green energy. Do not get me wrong I am not against new technology and I think someday electric cars will finally make the break through to be safe and efficient, and of course cheap enough for everybody to drive. I think we still have a long way to go but it is possible.

I just get so fed up with hearing people speak without using common sense and facts. So I focused this cartoon on the one simple fact that all the green energy supporters never mention. That is there is nothing that we have that can supply the demand and uses for plastic products. The USA used 20.54 million barrels of oil a day in 2019. Out of the 20.54 million barrels of oil a day 10% is used for plastics. When there talking about getting ride of petroleum products they never mention what we are going to use to replace plastics. I have read about how Olive Pits can be used to create plastic polymers. It takes 158 trees producing 4 liters of olive pits a year to create one barrel of oil. So that means it would take 12,658 trees to product 2 million barrels of oil and that is just for one day so that means 4.6 million trees at full production just to create enough plastic for the USA in a year. Yeah now that is going to happen. I can see the government supplementing olive farms just like wind energy, now that is a great way to spend my tax dollars. Of course they mention converting to "natural resources", what! that is the stupidest term I have ever heard against petroleum products. What the hell is petroleum if not a "natural resource". So lets get rid of petroleum plastics. This means the whole interior of your car will now be leather, wood, steel and glass, ugh yeah that is going to leave a scar in a wreck. Not to mention the thousands of other products that we loose, like all the carpeting. I could literally list hundreds of products that there is no plan to replace when we stop using the "natural resources" of petroleum products. So just web search it, then again maybe that is the problem with the green new dealers, they must not have internet, or too stupid to know how to use it. Or maybe it just does not fit their political narrative, oh no surely that is not it. As Earl Pits would say this makes me so mad I want to floss with barbed wire, wake up America.

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