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NitroRat Jr.; 1910 Harley Motor Rat Rod Peddle Car

Good Monday, we can hope anyway. Got to watch some good football last night that is until the storm knocked the cable out, ugh. Isn't new technology wonderful, I miss the old days of 3 stations and an antenna on the roof and some of the other advantages of the old days. Like media that published the truth. In these modern days of high technology a person has no idea what is real and what is bs propaganda when it comes to the news. Most of the bs they call news stinks so bad you know it is the bs show which is 95% of it anyway, however when it comes to the 5% how can you tell if it more of the same or real. I have no idea, I give it the stink test and if it passes that, then what do I do? Flip a coin? Turn on the cable and hope the weather Gods will hold out long enough for me to get a second opinion? Ugh maybe I just need to buy and old antenna hope it picks up old school true news.

Ok to the toon. This is a concept I have thought about for a while, that is making rat rods out of peddle cars. I do know that I am not the first to come up with the idea. There are peddle car shows and most feature some rat rods. My toon will be loosely based on a true story. My older brother is a mechanical genius. He grew up to be a Ford Master Mechanic and ran his own automotive shop, before getting tired of dealing with people. He then went to work in the oilfields as a field tech, while working on cars in his garage behind his house. As a child he was building hot rods, abet most were push cars, but still hot rods. I have mentioned before about my sister being the crash dummy. My parents were raised poor in the depression and my dad like a lot of people who grew up in the depression he never threw anything away. The thought process from that era was, "You never know when you might need it to sale for money." I have no concept of what that would have been like to be raised in a time period, I have just seen the results of it. I watch the pickers show and am amazed at the stuff some people have saved. So my true story, part of my cartoon is about a young boy building rat rods out of found stuff his dad has saved. My elaboration on the concept is that my dad becomes the boys grandad, and the grandad in my cartoon had way more money to collect some good stuff. Which gives the hot rod genius more stuff to work with. I was raised so poor, like my parents, that I did not even know what a pedal car was and had never seen one until I was an adult. So my mechanical whiz kid in this cartoon has used a 1910 Harley Davidson Motor with a Hoover Vacuum cleaner head as a blower. Some of the rat rod props include an a vintage radio for the grill, a moonshine jug for the gas tank, an antique railroad light, a brass headboard for the roll cage, a brass fire extinguisher and a vintage camera flash for a headlight. With some additional stuff which is based on toys I had as a kid. The wooden front end with the ropes for steering is how my bother used to design his steering systems on his push hot rods. This cartoon is something I would really like to pursue. The props and hotrods I could draw is endless. There is a lot of cartoonist doing hot rod stuff, but I do not know of any that is doing kid hot rods. Of course the concept will probably not be popular with kids today, the audience would be older hot rod enthusiast that have enjoyed hot rods since kids. Anyway I am excited so it is off to promotion town for me, I hope it is in the phone book because I have never actually seen the place. I have visited some fake versions of it, but never the real thing.

May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome. Amen.

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