• Steve and Melissa Burnett

New World Order (NWO); Free Shipping for Two or More. Just $40.00 each, a weeks pay.

Good Monday after lunch, better than no Monday at all, I think anyway. It was a good week at home. Spent most of it getting a presentation, to an international audience of LNG industry experts, ready. Of course, as I had just finished with it and was working on my notes I get an email stating it has been canceled due to covid. Ugh, well it would be a lie for me to say I am disappointed because I will not get to present, but then again I could have used the week for getting accustomed to our new data programs we will have to use at my day job. Everybody knows how easy new technology data programs are for us old toots. Talk about old, when I was at NCTC, 2011-2015 we had some departments that still used the old DOS programs. Well anyway learning new program would be like me learning how to use the DOS. Gives me headache thinking about it, come on retirement hurry up.

This cartoon is about the hyprocisy of the democratic party. It would not surprise me to see Webster go to the definition of hyprocisy and it says; "see democratic party". Of course I added a New World Order, (NWO) logo since it is common knowledge that open borders and sending all our tax money overseas is supposed to create the NWO. What all these rich politicians do not see or do not want to admit is that a NWO means in order for the USA to be competitive on a free market means our working class standard of living has to reach equilibrium with the economy of the rest of the World. This breaks it down to about $40 per week, of course at a $2080 yearly income it will be much easier to escort in Socialism. So I guess they are not so dumb after all, and in socialism do the elitist suffer? Well not really, after all they are in control of the markets profits since us poor are way to stupid to handle anything more that $2080 per year. Welcome to the New World Order. The Chinese flag in the cartoon symbolizes who is in control. They are the very life blood of the liberal democratic party. Well yes now that you mention it I did take some liberties with my cartoon. For instance I do know what kind of Chinese whiskey Pelosi likes. The Napoleon hat, oh please I do not even have to explain that one do I? The Pelosi Pulpit, yes right on target. The donkey clowns just pick any three and they will fit. Now if I can just get some newspaper to hire me as the editorial cartoonist I might make it, ohh I forgot they are all liberal media outlets. Dam foiled again, guess I will start working on my $40 a week budget.

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