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My First Book, the only place to get servings of Crude, Diesel, Honeydo, and Fried Okra.

Good Morning, Monday in Coronaville. It is scary for sure and a historical event. What will this country be like in a few months? People are lining up to buy guns and toilet paper. I think I will play it safe and be on the side that has guns. Everybody play it safe err to caution. This is a great county and it is not the politicians that make it so, it is the people. We will survive this and make it even greater.

Got my first order for my very first CRUDE book. Channon Gregg of the Petroleum Museum in Midland suggested last year that I do a book of my cartoons. I had not thought about it. You would think that since I am using the Ace Reid Business model that I would have already had a book out, but it was not the case. I will have to give the credit for the book to my business partner here at the Sun Mesa Studios. Melissa did the layout, writing, editing and even located the printer. I was stunned that you can get a single book printed at a time. I guess I am too old school, when I was the art director for a game company in Dallas, printing was a major event with photos of the art and burning metal plates for printer. The setup alone for printing was very expensive and to just do one book it would not have been worth it. Thanks Melissa I do appreciate it.

I warned you about my rambling so just stop complaining and get some more coffee.

The content of the CRUDE: The Early Years includes a foreword by Stephen Henry. My mother used to write for the Levelland Daily News and Stephen was the editor at that time. Mr. Henry is now the publisher of the Levelland & Hockley County News-Press which is one of the 38 publications that carry my cartoons today. It only felt right that I would get him to write my foreword. Mr. Henry may not remember but the Levelland Daily News published one of my cartoons back when I was in high school, so I could say they have been carrying my cartoons for the past 47 years ugh that makes me sound old, so I will not use that line. Thanks Stephen.

The book has all the cartoons from my first years of attempting to self publish the CRUDE cartoons in 1992-1993. And the CRUDE cartoons from my return to self publishing the CRUDE cartoons in 2014. It also has some cartoon from the 1993 calendar Diesel which was an attempt to add the trucking industry to my work. It has samples of Honeydo, some editorial cartoons from the North Texas Daily and some Fried Okra which was my Weatherford Democrat cartoons. I wanted my cartoons to be a true sample all my work during that period and not just my CRUDE cartoons.

You can order the CRUDE: The Early Years from my sunmesastudio.com website or you can wait for all this stuff to blow over and the return to normalcy, (whatever that maybe) and purchase it at the Petroleum Museum in Midland. I look forward to your business either way.

I am always open for suggestions, feedback and cartoon ideas. My ideas/cartoons are usually inspired by stories, so if you have any amusing story send it to me. Thanks, be safe and err to caution.


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