• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Modern Day Mafia

Good Monday Morning. Travel again this week but not near as far. Those dang 10 hour drives are killers. I cannot believe it drove that weekly for two years, and when I was doing it I was going even further to Galveston to fly offshore so it was an 11 hour drive. And my return 11 hour drive sometimes had me coming off a night shift and waiting 6 hours to get to Galveston to get started on the drive. So by the time I got home I sometimes had been up 20-30 hours. I moved out of state and was 2 hours closer to my job when I spent a year in Oklahoma City with my brother. Then my drive was 9 hours. To be young again, but then again way to much bs to do it all over again.

Last week I got to visit with my son in Houston. He was relating some of his experiences as an adult probation officer. I was stunned at some of the bs the defense and even district attorneys put the officers through. That was the motivation of this cartoon, and I wanted to relate the relationships attorney and judges have. In my cartoons the attorney and judge are always brothers. Talk about some good old boy politics. I also believe attorneys are the modern day mafia. You have to pay them a fee for everything. What other industry gets to charge a fee just for putting their name on something. Hire an attorney and pay 100$ per hour and look at how they prorate that fee for reading your emails. (If I got 100$ per hour for reading emails I would be making at least 300$ per day with all the emails I get working for the government). Look at all the bs and paperwork goes into purchasing a house, that is all generated by attorneys to which they collect their fee for doing what in the process? Anyway, my son was relating to me how the attorneys are able to place blame on the probation officers to get the criminals sentence reduced and even in some cases the charges are dropped. My son is now a police officer in the Houston area and the only communication he has with attorneys is writing them traffic tickets. Attorneys paying traffic tickets that has to be a cartoon in itself, but then again I would not have the space to write the bs narrative an attorney would use in it.

Anyway stay safe out there, it is a crazy world. I wish I had some answers but these days I cannot even figure out what the questions are.

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