• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Merry Christmas Blue.

Good Monday Morning and just 4 days until Christmas, yee haw. I hope everybody has a great one. I guess it is too much to hope for, for this one to be so good we forget about 2020. It is Christmas and I do believe in miracles, sooo Dear Santa.....

After my last Monday was such a disaster , I do have to give an update. I am glad to update that while it looked terrible, it was a lot less painful and expense as my imagination was telling me it was going to be. I also have to say it is a good policy to keep a good relationship with a local repair men. Thanks Nathan.

This cartoon is dedicated to the men and women in law enforcement that lay in on the line every time they step into the blue and take to the streets. They do not do it for the glory, they do not do a celebration dance in the end-zone in front of the TV and they do not sit in their Hollywood mansion and complain about the injustices of the world. They do it for one simple reason, they do it because it is the right thing to do. They know that somebody has to do it to keep everybody safe and to keep this nation free, so rather than complain about how somebody else does the job they step in the blue and do it. They know every time they step into the blue there is a risk factor that it maybe they last day they get to see their family. I pray that there will always be those that will take the risk to keep me and my family safe, because I know the day they stop doing it, is the day that this nation will no longer be free.

May all the brothers and sisters in Blue and all the Blue families have a very Merry Christmas. My family appreciates what you do and we thank you for your service.

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