• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Jail Time at Home

Hello Monday. Ugh another one and the world is getting crazier all the time. When I first heard about the prisons/jails releasing inmates so they can go self quarantine I thought it had to be another social media joke, but no it is true. So we expect inmates whom have been in forced quarantine to go home and self quarantine? If they would do that why do we even have jails, why not just sentence them to go home and stay quarantined/confined to their sentenced jail time during the trial. Look how much money the states and government would save. And if the state sentenced them to be executed surely they would go home and do that too.

Since inmates/criminals would self serve their time why not have people write their own traffic tickets and pay their own fines.

I can just see it now.

Oh dam I went over the speed limit. So I would pull over to the side of the road, get out and check my license plate light and my inspection sticker, pull out my drivers license and insurance card to check and see if they are valid. Sometimes I would have to write myself a second ticket for my inspection sticker. I can see it now, ugh I forgot to get an inspection. So do I try to make excuses to myself or just be hard nosed and write the fines. I am afraid I would just write myself the fines since I have never been good at excuses and mine always see lame anyway. I would tell myself, "just shut up with the excuses you are wrong". I hate paying traffic fines, ugh. So do I just send the $150 fine to the judge, or can I make a donation to a charity? Can I wait until my next paycheck so I might get some overtime so I can pay the fine? So just my luck I debate with myself over paying the fine for a couple of weeks, and then it is late. Oh no now what? Well since I am writing myself the fine and we are letting inmates out to self quarantine why not be my own judge too. Hey makes sense to me. So since I am hard nosed I would be a hard nosed judge too. I sentence myself to 10 days in jail. Wow 10 days in jail, I think that is very harsh, but I know better than argue with the judge.

Well the 10 days was no so bad after all. The 10 days in jail was 10 days at home in self quarantine since that is what inmates do. So for 10 days I sat around and watched movies and ate corn dogs. Not so bad at all really. I think next time I will shoot for 20 days I want to binge watch the "Andy Griffith Show and Gunsmoke". I might have to upgrade my jail food, after all we cannot have inmates eating corndogs all the time that is unconstitutional. What can I do to get 20 days? Maybe I will argue with the cop and run from him, that should do it.

After thinking about it, maybe this new world will not be so bad after all.

Thanks, be safe.


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