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How Long will the RRSW Last? My Money is on just one 911 call.

Good Monday Eve. Yeah I know I am early, however it is early or not at all this week so I am going for it. This is the first year in several that I have seen all three of my sons in the same year so, I am super excited about that. I have visited with two and will visit the the third this week.

I just cannot get over how stupid people are these day so I cannot stay away from the political cartoons. Of course we all know this is not about stupidity, this is about politics. So I am showing my support for Law Enforcement, the Energy Industry and Blue Collar Workers.

I have been questioned before on why I use movie characters as props. The answer is simple, they are recognizable as bad guys so they make the perfect props. This cartoon took more time and work than most of the ones I have done lately. It was due to I had to freehand all the characters. Lately if I have a character I want to reuse it is just a matter of plugging in the light table. Which is the way old school animators used to work and with pencil carbons to keep from having to freehand the art. The modern light table is the size of a legal pad and is bright enough I can turn art over and still see the images on the overlapped watercolor paper. This is quite amazing since the older ones I used in the 70's were the size of a drafting table and still not strong enough to see an image through watercolor paper. The miracles of modern technology. Also on this cartoon I tried to make the floor they are standing on look like wood so it would give the impression of being on her front porch, unfortunately that just did not work out. I started getting desperate, so my hint to do art work. Never ever work on anything while in a desperation mode. You can see what this ended up looking like, ugh like a bad paved road.

So everybody have a great week stay safe and if you call 911 and they send a Rapid Response Social Worker, I can only hope your licensed to carry and are armed because buddy, you are on your own.

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