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GOOOOD MORNING from Sun Mesa Studios. I feel like Robin Williams, except had I said Vietnam I guess it might have gotten a little confusing. I am excited to get this new website off the ground. I also have done this long enough to know it will take a lot of work, at least it is more fun than slinging a chain on a drilling rig.

I apologize from the start I am not a writer like my beautiful partner is. I am a rambler and my writing will be all over the place and sometimes hard to follow. So just keep the coffee flowing and thanks for reading.

My cartoons are based on my experiences working in various blue collar jobs over my span of 62 years and yes I am an old fart. I do get a lot of questions about my cartoons, where do they come from, why cartoons and how do I write the humor for them.

I will not have enough space and time to answer all the questions today but will make an attempt to answer a few.

First off my sense of humor. My dad is a humorist, not to say a stand up comic or any kind of professional humorist. It is just that he maintained a sense of humor and found humor in all situations. I think some of that had to do with growing up poor in the great depression. I heard him mention on a few occasions that, sometimes humor is all you have left and they cannot take that away from you. Anybody that met my dad over his career in the oilfield and in his daily life would attest to that. He was fun to be around and would keep everybody laughing. So dad I thank you for that.

My art. My mom was an artist. Not what you think of when a person says artist, but she was a true artist. She loved making our clothes when we were kids. Not a big deal you say, however she liked designing and making everything without patterns. She was also a published poet. I always loved the way she captured the emotions and feelings of an event with her poetry. I always wanted to be able to write like her, but never could make the connection to the words.

When I was at South Plains College I had an art professor that was a great inspiration and motivator to me. His name was Don Stroud. He said something in reference to doing watercolors one time that really spoke to me. He said, "Watercolors is like poetry, you want to leave some of it to the audiences interpretation." Wow I was like a fish on a line he had me. I took that hook line and sinker, as they say. After hearing that I knew watercolors was the answer to being a poet like my mother. So mom I miss you and thank you for that.

Ok so what does that have to do with cartoons you ask? I will have to answer that at another time. I have a full time "other job" that demands some attention.

My art and my cartoons are my way of keeping my parents influences alive. As Hank Williams Jr. would say, "it is a family tradition." Thanks mom and dad. I do appreciate it. Love you both.

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