• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Gestapo vs Cop

Good Monday Morning. I hope everybody is ready for a great Thanksgiving. I always think of the ones my mom would put on when I was a kid. Looking back on it I am sure that having been raised in the depression she had a different perspective on the meaning of having "to do without" especially food. Because she would put on a feast fit for a king, and boy did we eat like kings. The hardest part she had was turning it down after us kids started growing up and moving out. Anyway that is my memories of Thanksgiving.

I know, I know, I said I would cut back on the political stuff, but geez these people are so stupid I cannot help myself. When a governor says over 6 people in a gathering is illegal and as a member of the public it is your civic duty to turn in your neighbor should you discover they have more than 6 people in their house for a Thanksgiving Holiday. What!!? That is so funny my best cartoon writer could not even top that one. However my humor writer did come up with the narrative for this one, dam she is good. Thanks honey. I can just the communities, all the football games are turned off all the turkey and pies are sitting around uneaten, all the neighbors are looking out their windows using binoculars with the room lights turned out. They would even have their i-phones out keeping track of who was out who's house. Ugh, wow that would be a good cartoon too, wish I did not have to work this week on my day job or I would be back at drawing table.

As far as my day job goes I have online training all week and 6 audits to finish, ugh no fun. I would rather keep tabs on my neighbors that would be much more fun. Oh and should I forget I am also on backup call all week, no fun on that one either.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody, may you enjoy your blessings, may your food be bountiful and may your neighbors lose track of how many guest you are having. Amen.

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