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Famous Philosopher Mike Rowe; "Safety Third Santa".

Good Monday even though I am running just a tad bit late. I wonder if Santa ever had to run late on any thing?

Geez it really sucks getting old and I have to add clumsy to that. I did not know that was part of getting old but I guess it is either that or stupid so I am going with clumsy. So Friday the new cat got on the dining table, now I do not mind cats and I know they like to climb around and explore, but I do not want them to get in the habit of being on any surfaces where we prepare food and or consume it. So I glance over my should from the couch and see the cat on the table. I get up and hurry in order to catch him and scare her off the table. Hurry at my age does not mean running nor even jogging at my best it is a hurried shuffle. So when I get close to the table and I lean in to slap the table I step on the porcelain cat bowl. In my defense the location of the bowl at the time is in dispute. It is not were we put it when we feed the cats. So apparently one of the fur balls has moved it to beside the table, that or the wife moved it to feed them in a different location. Anyway I step on the bowl and break it cutting my big toe in several big gashes and the bowl quickly slides behind me as I skid under the corner of the dining table. So I am flat of my back with my left leg bent behind me with the corner leg of the table in my crotch. I cannot believe how fast that happened and I cannot budge for the life of me. My wife comes to my rescue and gets me up. As I set up I notice blood dripping out of my sock on my cut big toe. No stiches but my foot is still very swollen and my knee is still very sore from the hyper extension. If only we had a video tape of it we could have won the AFV 10 grand for the year. I guess I would use to buy steel or cement cat bowls and a lighter dining table or how about an ejection button on the dining table, wow that might be fun at thanksgiving when all the in-laws are just sitting down for thick slices of a Cajun deep fried bird. Ohh, feels like a cartoon developing.

Wow talk about a bad Monday. I need to go back to bed, wish I had a reset button like in the movie ground hog day. I started this blog at 10:00 am. Right as I finish the above paragraph the wife hollers, "hon you better come see this", ugh my skin started to crawl that was not a good sound. I go to see what she was hollering about and in our bathroom the sewage has stopped up and the washing machine drainage has backup into bath tub filling it up and it has run over into our bedroom. Ugh.... guess what I will be doing for Christmas. We are sitting around waiting on the plumber it is 3:15 pm. We have the carpet pulled fans running and cut out the old soaked pad. Guess I wanted a shop vac for Christmas and I did not even know it. Thanks Santa.

Back to the cartoon. I am thinking I need to focus more on safety even if it is from a humorous perspective rather than an illustration of safety standards. For one thing the audience wants to see the humor. Another thing is I need a catch to sale my cartoons and calendars. I have been doing the Crude calendars since 2014 and have yet to get very much traction in the Petroleum industry. However my Blue cartoons are booming and they are recent cartoons. One obstacle in the Petroleum Industry is the constant swings. I am always dealing with new companies and new personal. So maybe I need more of a catch like Safety rather just random industry humor.

I wanted to do some new Christmas Cartoons so I am mulling over Crude Christmas concepts and I remember an interview on Fox News with Mike Rowe, the title was "Safety Third". Mike was making the point that the stresses of the Safety First culture can actually be counter productive for safety since it puts so much focus on training that it takes out the individual hands responsibility and their own common sense to work safely. So I started thinking about the safety focus on someone whom has done a job for years without any incidents then all of sudden there is safety standards for that job. Since I was looking at Christmas Cartoons it seemed that Mike Rowes "Safety Third" might have some validity for someone like Santa whom has been doing his job for over 1700 years. I know Christmas is the Celebration of the birth of Christ, however the birth of Saint Nick and the legend of Santa did not start until 300 AD. So my mind just started rolling with what would be expected of the new safety standards that Santa would have to work with. Fun fun and that is not even taking into consideration the IFR training the Rudolf would have to get.

This Monday kinda reminds me of one of my favorite Christmas Poems, "Birdy Birdy in the Sky, Broken Wing and Poked out Eye".... oh dam I cannot even remember the rest of it. Hopefully I will look back on this day in the near future and say that about it as well.

Merry Christmas and remember Safety Third, just ask Santa.

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