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Fabriano Watercolor Paper in my Cell

Good Monday + 1. Ever had one of those Mondays were everything turns upside down? I had a part of my day job scheduled that would have me traveling on Monday. I had planned on catching up on about 3 days of paperwork I am behind on in my day job. So I had everything packed and ready to go. I was not going to leave until about 1 pm. Got a email on my work phone about 6 am, BOOM. The job had been changed to an online records review starting at 8 am and leaving Wednesday at 6 am for travel to another location for field work on the same job. Ugh so spent all day Monday with my head in my work computer going over records. Soooo that is my excuse for being a day late.

This cartoon was a play on the old chalk line of police outlining victims. After doing the cartoon I started thinking, "do they even do that anymore?" I am not a detective nor a CSI specialist so I really do not know. Maybe they don't since the editor of CopBlue had no idea what the cartoon was about. I hear all the time, "I can't even draw stick figures". Which got me to thinking what if you have a cop whom could not draw stick figures what would his victim chalk sketch look like.

Lately I have been doing some heavy thinking, I know hard to believe at my age I can even do that, and maybe I can't and just think I can, wow my brain almost exploded like a snowflake at at Trump rally. Thinking about my cartoons and art. I will not give up the art, but am I supposed to go in another direction? I just cannot seem to get the traction, sales, feedback or whatever I need to feel like I am being successful with them. With my health issues the past few weeks I am thinking I maybe close to the end and what have I accomplished? Ugh that gives me a headache to even start thinking about what I wanted to accomplish compared to reality. I always felt that God gave me two things I was good at in life and one was taken away from me about 17 years ago and the other was my art.

Wow that was kinda heavy, maybe I just need to go do some rioting and burn somebodies crap, ohhh I forgot we do not do that here. I would just end up in jail and in this county I would have to serve my time, but then again I would have plenty of time to think about it. I wonder if they allow inmates to have fabriano watercolor paper in their cells?

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