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EBAY Your Way to Safety

Good Monday morning, hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine was great although it did not start out that way. I was thinking for a while I should have crawled back in bed. We got up early 5:00 am to run to the DFW metro mess to pick up a 1910 Lawyer's bookcase that we purchased and it was getting refinished by our favorite antique dealer in Fort Worth. So we had the weekend all planned out, even going to see the grandkids. Start to back out of the driveway and realized we have a flat tire. The tire shop does not open until 8, talk about throwing a kink in our plans. So I put the spare on the ground and I tell you what, whomever designed the lowering crank for the spare tire on the Toyota Minivan is an evil person. It takes two times longer to get the spare out from under the car than it does to jack up the vehicle and change the flat. Got the spare on the ground and stop to get gas before we get in line at the tire shop. As I am gassing up the Toyota I notice the other back tire is very low as well. So we had two flats fixed before we could leave. Guess I have to look at the bright side at least I did not have 4 flats.

Since I was out running around all weekend I did not have a chance to get to the studio, so this is an oldie/rerun cartoon. This cartoon got a lot of good feedback, even from a retired Texas DPS officer. The concept was simple, we buy so much junk online, what kind of ridiculous stuff could I have a law enforcement officer purchasing that would make a good prop cartoon. It seems my most popular cartoons are the ones with the simplest themes. I need to post that above my drawing table. I do have a tendency to over think the cartoons.

Got a fun fun work week too. I have been roped into doing an online Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) presentation for a international audience. I am on the LNG inspection team and 2 weeks ago he approached me with the subject of sharing a presentation on the new federal rules on transporting LNG by rail car in the USA. Ugh sounded like a pain, but ok I am a team player. So we have to rehearse the presentation today (Monday) and do the presentation tomorrow. So Friday I get an email that basically says; "oh by the way your doing the whole presentation and it is due today for review." Ugh, and when he approached me it was, "oh this will be such a resume booster." Like at my age I am interested in "resume boosters"..... ugh if I had any hair left I would pull it out. Stay tuned folks I think my day job drama is just getting started and I am not talking about presentations.

May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome, Amen.

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