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Detective Training on a Low Budget

Good Monday morning and it even is on Monday, I surprise myself sometimes. Another weekend started with pressing repairs. The dang microwave went out on Saturday morning. We never know how critical something is until it goes out, ugh the microwave is a big deal at least for us. And the curse of the internet and youtube just search a video on how to repair anything and in 15 minutes we are experts. I did get it down and tore apart and ordered the Chinese part for it, which is supposed to be here Thursday, yeah I will believe that when I see it. And of course it may or may not be the problem since I was using the video to diagnose the problem. Anyway time will tell. It will not be the first time I used the internet only to discover it was not the correct repair part and spend time trying to fix the problem only to give up and go buy another one and discover it was cheaper to buy a new one than repair the older one. I must also say that I watched a video on how to repair a sagging garage door with wood 2"x2"s and it actually worked which saved me hundreds in having to purchase and have a new garage door installed.

This cartoon is part of my Law Enforcement Series. I was looking for something simple and entertaining. The issues law enforcement are having to deal with on a daily bases has to be tons of stress and I do cartoons on these law enforcement issues. We I cartoon the issues I am trying to bring a humorous slant to the issue, however I sometimes have to wonder if I am just bringing a painful reminder to the law enforcement community about the issues. I am also searching for some books that demonstrate the kind of relationship officers have with other members of the community like the detectives. I am the first to admit I am not from law enforcement, (my youngest son is a police officer) however I do have a lot of respect for what they do and have to put up with. There is no way I could do it with the professional standards they do. So I am in the process of learning as much as I can about the job and all support members of the job. There is a lot of books and videos out there but few are written by actual members of law enforcement. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know, thanks. Back to the cartoon so just a simple concept on detective training and how the standard officers view the training. I wanted to go back to one of my favorite teams Ann the officer and her K9 partner 007. I decided to call the detective Fred, this goes back to an inside joke with my team members when I worked offshore. I do not remember how it got started but it seemed like anytime somebody screwed up we called them Fred, or if we were all out drinking in a bar we would refer to each other as Fred. The cartoon concept was easy and it was an opportunity for me to draw props. I had the concept and characters sketched in but could not figure out how to add the fish. I was thinking of a little boy fishing on the pier, but could not get the logistics of the sketch to work right and I already had the characters sketched in. When I made a coffee run back to the kitchen I glanced up at a watercolor I had done one time trying to sale it to Joe's Crab Shack for advertising. Sitting on the front of the fishing boat, that has an alligator driving it, is a brown pelican. Bingo, my little boy fishing turned into a pelican and it fit my sketch, and I think it is funnier than the boy fishing concept. Anyway this one is a look at the lighter side of the profession. I hope you enjoy the toon and all comments are welcome.

Stay safe, everybody needs to make it home to the loved ones. Any suggestions of any media that is a good realistic sample of law enforcement is more than welcome. Thanks.

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