• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Defunding the Police; The Beginning of the Coup

Good Monday Morning, how is the coffee? Mine must not be strong enough I seem to be hitting on about half my cylinders.

It is good to be back in the studio. I had a great vacation, great quality time with my wife and as a bonus got in a good visit with my oldest son and my two grandsons. My wife and I are avid antique furniture hunters and we bagged a 1891 bookshelf to add to our collection. The antique oak drafting chair was not available after we stalked it halfway across Texas which was somewhat of a disappointment, but overall a great vacation. It always amazes me how hard it is to get the flow back in the cartoons are just missing one weekend.

Of course the subject was not a tough one. While I need to get back to less of an editorial format since they do not have the shelf life I need from my work, it is hard to ignore all the rampant stupidity at work. The defund the police movement has to be more than just a lapse of common sense, I believe it is part of a coup to setup an overthrow of our government and not just the president. I am not someone who constantly believes in conspiracies, I am a humanist and I believe in people. As a humanist I believe that people/humans are very intelligent, therefore I do not believe anybody in their right mind would support defunding a police department, a group of people funded for one reason and that is to protect you the public. Which means the only logical conclusion I can draw is that there is another reason this defund the police movement even exists and it is not just to defund the police. My conclusion is that is must be a ploy to create a diversion which does two things. One is keep the country divided and two weaken a nation. And way would anybody want to keep a country divided and weak, and the only logical conclusion for that is they want to overthrow the government. I could be wrong and of course I hope I am, but that is the only thing that makes sense.

The hard part about returning to the studio was getting the process to work and the flow of the art. I can only say it is a good thing I work large, that makes it easier to cover up mistakes. And of course after a vacation I have to get ready to go back to my day job as well, ugh I will need more coffee for that. Have a great one and stay safe.

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