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Defund the Police?

Good Monday morning. Grab some coffee let's roll. Gonna be along one for sure, I got about 4 hours of sleep.

I enjoy the image of the son and dad having a talk while they fish, so I have reused this image a few times while editing the type bubbles and type.

I know, I said I try to stay away from politics, but the world has gotten so crazy I am just amazed at what is going on. The concept that anybody would think defunding any police department is a good idea is absolutely beyond my comprehension and is actually stunning to me. It would be open season for criminals, and there is no way anybody believes that criminals only act out of responding to the police. So I have to ask myself what is the agenda?

I had a friend share their thoughts on the process and I have to admit it actually makes more sense than any I have heard on why to defund the police. They said it is not a matter of defunding the police because they politicians even know that will not work. It is more of a reason to restructure the police force to be more of a state operated and controlled enforcement patrol. One that is assigned at the beck and call of the political agenda, which will mean confiscating the firearms of the public in the name of keeping law and order. Gee this does sound familiar. They go on to explain then when the citizens are unarmed they can go about blaming the countries problems on societies new escape goats, much like the Nazis did with the Jews. And we all know how that turned out, that is those of us that do believe in history which it seems a lot of the liberals are getting erased and rewritten to fit their political narrative. So who are the new Jews whom the new liberal left wing are already blaming for this countries problems? It is the white race of course. We all hear it everyday, "White Privilege". It is the new battle cry to do what every you want to a race of people who obviously has it coming because they/we created all the problems in this society.

I have to admit when he shared his thoughts on this I had a chill run down my spine. I know some of you will say,"ha, because your scared". Not the case, but rather because it all makes sense now. I have wondered before, how the German people could had stood back it let it happen to the Jews and allow their whole country to be taken over and destroyed. But I understand now. I can see how some powerful people can take advantage of circumstances to create the narrative they want. Then keep everything at an emotional boiling point until they get enough control were nobody can turn it back.

Getting society to a boiling point and having a class of people to blame is step one, step two is defunding/recreating the police. How far will this go? Have we finally lost the great democracy experiment?

Ugh I need more coffee. Have a great day people. Wish I had answers, but I do not. I would say common decency and sense would prevail, however history has proven that is not always the case.

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