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Dallas Cowboys & Jimmy Johnson's 1993 1 Draft Pick

Good Monday Morning. I say good but to be honest I have had a whole lot better ones. I fell on a drilling rig in 2006 and ruptured 3 disc in my back. I did not have the disc repaired. Every year I have an episode were they come back to haunt me and have me down for a couple of days. No big deal right. That is what I thought until last year and I was down for two weeks. I went to the back specialist in Lubbock and they discovered two of these disc are now pressing into my spinal cord, enough to already reshape the cord in that one spot. They gave me some meds for seizures and they seem to be working rather well until last week. So I was down with my back this weekend and did not get any cartoons done. I will start going to Dr's this Friday and might end back up with the specialist, who knows, anyway that is why I have nothing new to post.

This cartoon is from 1993. It is a cartoon referring to the Cowboys (Mooboys) coach Jimmy Johnson (JJ) at the time and his perfect hair. JJ's was a stickler about keeping his hair in perfect shape. It was more of a matter of amusement for most people. It just got me to thinking about his priorities in the upcoming draft and that was the story behind this cartoon. I was not publishing any cartoons at the time so this one set in my inventory for a long time. About 3-4 years ago I just happen to notice on twitter that it was JJ's birthday. So I sent him a copy of this image and wished him a happy birthday and thanked him for the Cowboy's Super Bowels. I noticed the thread on the image and JJ had sent it to one of the older sports writers for the Dallas Morning News and he asked the writer which one of his editorial cartoonist had done the cartoon. To which the writer replied it was not one of his. I was amused that the cartoon was 14 years old and JJ saw it. Of course he did not reply nor ask me for the art, which I would had gladly sent him. So the moral of the story is ... wow I got nothing ....

Stay safe, have a great week and if you know of any good back surgeons that work for cheap or even cartoons let me know, after all I have the usual working class insurance which amounts to a case of beanie weenies a month. So if your Dr wants more than beanie weenies then he is not on my insurance. I had am emergency Dr spend 15 minutes with me last year on my back scan and he did not like my beanie weenie insurance. I had to pay him 2 grand for his 15 minutes above my beanie weenies insurance payment, and they wonder why people hate the insurance and medical profession in today's society.

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