• Steve and Melissa Burnett

CRUDE, May God Bless the Field Hand, and the rest of you can go eat a donut

Good Monday Morning, wow it has been a while since I blogged, sorry about that. Life has been treating us well. That is besides the acks and pains of being an old fart. We were camping in our new Casita last week in the Davis Mountains and went into Alpine for the day. I found my perfect old fart tee shirt at the Old Gringo bar. I highly recommend the place should you find yourself in the area. However, I cannot recommend Marfa. I have not come across a town full off left wing liberals that are so full of themselves in my life. I felt like I made a wrong turn in Alpine and ended up in San Francisco. So stay away from the place unless of course your a left wing liberal and if that is the case just keep going until your back in San Francisco.

We have the 2022 Calendars ready to go. I have got some feedback on my cartoons before that they are not PC and I should tone it down. To which I always replay, no they are not PC and they are not meant to be. My cartoons and my humor is for the working class blue collar person whom lays it on the line every day when they go to work. I know too that it hurts by business. My humor is not for the investors that have never worked in the field, it is not for the CEO with the golden parachute whom was elected to their job because of a wall full of degrees and a desk they have worked behind their entire career. My humor is not PC. If you're the kind of person whom gets offended at non PC work no matter how and what you get offended over then you need to move along. I assure you if you look long enough you will find something in my work to be offended over. I am ok with that. To the ones that get offended I say pull on your adult panties "snowflake" and get over it because I assure you I and the blue collar works do not care.

This year we will have single copies of the color calendars available. One change we are making is you have to order a minimum of 10 to get your logo added. It is a simple means of cost verse profit. We make $2 per calendar, (all the print work is third party contracted). If I have to spend at least 2 hours redoing or finding you a logo, which I usually do, it does not make sense. At $1 per hour I am wasting my time. My thoughts in the past were if I did your logo then you would come back and order more calendars, however that has not been the case.

The pandemic is over, keep in mind your small businesses, like me. Let me help you with your advertising needs. I can get any of my work on any media for you. Contact me with your needs and I will give you a quote.

I will end this with my favorite oilfield prayer, and if you have never worked in the field then you have no idea what this one is about so go eat a donut. May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome, Amen.

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