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Coach DI and Odessa

Here it is Monday, fun town Texas. Well only if that is Odessa. I pulled into the Motel and there was only 3 vehicles here. I do not think it is the virus scare either. When OPEC and Russia start dancing with the price of oil the whole industry takes a dump. The petroleum industry can be great when it is booming and the money is good but as soon as the price falls off it is massive layoffs. This is the only industry in the world were your profit margin is adjusted by your employee count. I love the industry and it has done a lot for me and my family but it can be absolutely brutal. What is my secret for surviving the $8 a bbl in the 80's you ask. The secret is very simple, work for a company that sues another and gets an 11.8 billion dollar jury settlement. However, be warned that only gives you and extra 10 years before the doors shut.

I very seldom do any contemporary cartoons since they have no shelf life. I learnt that from doing editorial cartoons for the Weatherford Democrat from 93-05. I have a stack of old editorial cartoons and some of them I might try to edit and reuse but for the most part they are so time specific to a single incident that I have never been able to reuse them. But in this case, this is such a historic event that I had to throw in my two cents.

This is also the first time I have been able to completely do two new cartoons in a weekend since I restarted doing watercolors. I spent one day and half on the watercolor and half a day on a new black and white "Paycheck". I was so spent that I only completed the editing and adding the narrative till Monday morning while sucking down my coffee. That is my excuse for being so late with this post, and I am sticking to it.

This cartoon really sums up how I felt when we were making our weekend Wally World venture. I kept thinking I need a hazmat suite with a SCBA unit. For the government to shut down the whole economy and tell everybody to stay home is unprecedented. Add that to the fact that I just finished reading the book "The Great Influenza" about the Spanish Flu in 1918 that was actually traced back to Kansas. That flu made a world wide outbreak then evolved into the perfect killing machine and made a another trip around the world killing at least 50 million and research has put it closer to 100 million. That book gave me the creeps and no soon had I put it down and this one strikes, ugh.

My driller is "DI" in my cartoons. He is a master sergeant, and no I did not serve in the military. I graduated HS in 76, the Vietnam war was over and they just repelled the draft. I did talk to a marine recruiter my senior year, but a couple of influential people in my life talked me out of it. Funny thing is, that is the one decision in my life I would go back and change. However, back to DI he is a composite of all the coaches I have had in my days playing football. Especially my HS head football coach. I have a lot of respect for him and enjoyed his approach to the game. He was a great motivator and instructor of the game.

Anyway, next week I will talk about my new book; "CRUDE; The Early Years". Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and lock up your TP.

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