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City of Insanity Votes to Defund Police

Good Monday, I hope your coffee is brewed and like me your sucking it down like lemonade on a hot summer day. I have no idea what that has to do with anything, that just seems to be my coffee routine this morning.

I have read several articles about police officers resigning and a lot of them starting to to look into new careers since the wave of disrespect has started. A lot of this is based on the complete lack of support from the administrators whom run the departments. The administrators have no support for the front line officers and no backbone, they are throwing the officers under the bus simple to satisfy the protesters. That makes sense, give the protesters what they want and they will stop looting and burning down cities. We see how well that has worked in Seattle. Take a good hard look people this is coming to your neighborhood if we do not get a handle on this and start giving our law enforcement officers the funding and training they need.

In this cartoon I was simply looking for villains that would want to "defund law enforcement". There was a wide selections of career criminals I could have used. However I went with a few movie stars and a few real criminals. I know some will want to know the meaning of the graffiti and props. I will give you some insight to a long dark secret to my work that I have found to be of some great amusement over the years. Most of the time the props and graffiti have no meaning at all, it just random stuff. It it ever has any meaning it will be something personal that only family and friends would recognize. My amusement is what people will find to interpret in my work. When I worked for the Weatherford Democrat doing local editorial cartoons I was amazed at what people read into my work and how many would call and threaten to sue the paper over something in my work that had absolutely no meaning and reference to anything. There you have it my secret is out, now lets sit back and what people get offended over the random stuff.

The following is the narrative I used on this post on my social media. I has blown up with positive comments. Since I am already getting a lot of support for it and I posted it about 12 hours ago I will share it here.

Defund the Police. How stupid can this country get? A few points I want to make.

When the twin towers were bombed we were told; "Do not judge all Muslims by the actions of a few." Isn't that exactly what this country is doing, judging all cops by the actions of a few?

The second point is even better; "If you do not want the cops to bothering you, how about do not break the law." Simple point but overlooked in today's climate.

Last point. For those whom think they can do better than the highly trained professional law enforcement officers we have working today. I challenge you take up the shield, strap on the PPE. And do not mistake PPE for just paper masks and gloves, everything that officer carries and wears is Personal Protective Equipment designed to protect the officer and allow them to perform in a hazardous environment to protect you, the public. Walk in their shoes for just one week. Then I dare you to come back and say they need to be defunded. I salute every officer who defends me and my family. I thank you for what you do and I for carry the utmost respect for you and your professions. May God be with you. Amen. Thanks. Steve Burnett

Today, thank a law enforcement officer for what they do. Because in today's crazy world the day maybe coming when they only one you will have to protect you, your family and your property is you.

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