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Chinese Per Diem

Good Monday. My goal today is to stay warm, it is -4 this morning. That might be normal winter temps for some but I assure you it is not here in Texas even for the Plains of Texas were I reside. It is forecast to get to a high of 16 today and get colder tomorrow with more snow. I see the global warmest are saying this is caused by global warming. They must be using that magic eight-ball science. I have canceled all my day job audits for this week due to the winter storm. I also so have a ton of paperwork so I will be very busy even though no field audits. And yes we did get the microwave repaired, thank heavens for youtube.

This cartoon was inspired by the new government canceling the Keystone Pipeline, and one of their geniuses making the comment that the pipeline welders could get a job making solar panels. I can definitely see the skill set similarities, haha, not to mention solar panels are made in China. So my old brain starts to churning. I first started thinking about what would the welders setup look like. I could not imagine he would get to bring his truck, and I doubt if he would be provided with the most advanced equipment. So I went with this vintage welding machine with a Chinese advanced power device. Guess I will catch hell from the PC police on that one, but then again I am old school and you what we say about taking a joke. Then I started thinking about what would their Per Diem look like, and would that even translate. Sometimes props come to me while in the process of creating the cartoon, like the black smog. China has the highest output from coal burning than any country in the world and they are building coal burning plants all the time. Anyway this one is for all you pipeliners out there. May God bless you, because we know the new government will not.

Spent some time this week getting ready for the Texas Press Association Convention. We are going to have a booth and hopefully get to meet a lot of editors and publishers. It is time to see if my newspaper cartoons are worth pursuing or is it time for me to search for some alternative avenues for my cartoons. I have been doing cartoons for the newspapers since 1993. I just do not seem to be getting any traction and I get very little feedback on my work. While I have 33 newspapers on my weekly mailout I seldom get any feedback from them. The few newspapers that are on my list I sometimes will pick up their paper when I travel through their town during my day job. It is very discouraging to see my work in their papers less than 50% of the time. I still have some children's book ideas I have wanted to illustrate so if the newspaper gig is not going to work out it is time for me to pursue other alternatives for my cartoons. After all my productivity time is getting shorter by the minute.

I hope everybody has a great warm week even if you have to stand with your backside to the furnace.

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