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Cheddar for a Gucci Goat Scoot

Good Monday Morning, wow has another week already started. Geez what happened to the last one? I feel like I have been in a time warp. Last week was crazy. I did an online presentation for a company out of Lithuania to an international audience on the New Federal Laws on the transportation of LNG by rail in the USA. I will also get to go to Houston in February 2021 and do another presentation to a live audience. Ugh fun fun. It appears since working in the Gulf of Mexico for 15.5 years and being a T-2 Federal Certified Process Safety Systems, Subject Matter Expert (SME) has now transferred over to my day job and now I am a Process Safety Systems SME for LNG Process Plants. Dang that sounds important, sounds like I should be making a heck of a lot more money than I am, haha not going to happen. Just going to suck me in these time warps as I try to juggle day job, night job with extra day job assignments. My co-presenter was saying how this would be great resume booster. At my age the only resume booster I need will be to decide which medicare supplement plan to use when I retire.

Have you ever stumbled on something that could be a real game changer on your career path? And I am not talking about the SME stuff. I was looking for something online last Friday relating to my day job and boom the first thing I looked at hit me like a rock and even at my age I realized it was the opportunity of a life time. I apologize I will have to remain vague about it since it would be a major change to my day job. And just to clarify I am not talking about buying lottery tickets nor am I talking about all the spam I get where there is some guy from Ghana named Sergeant Fred Danny with millions of US dollars to give me. It is a career opportunity will allow me to utilize my education, employment and training to a more fulfilling capacity so I went for it. Guess I may get some bad feedback from my current day job this morning, but sometimes you just have to do it. I will keep you posted on this ongoing saga.

This cartoon is about Snowflakes vs Bikers. I do not get much feedback on this theme when I post and run it, but it always amuses me. I can always see the snowflake saying something stupid as he is trying to be cool in front of the biker. To me it is the epitome of culture clashes. I do not show the biker reacting, however in this one it looks like the biker babe is about to dismount and to do some snowflake thrashing. As much as it looks like that I really did not mean to illustrate it like that. After doing the art and looking at it I chuckled when I realized what it looked like. I also did some research on contemporary snowflake culture slang, so according to google anyway. The bike, what can I say I do enjoy illustrating transportation. I have thought about pursuing the transportation angle but there are soo many good transportation artist out there I just do not think I have anything to offer that has not already been done. I add a lot of hidden messages in the logos and tattoos. For example the helmet skull with an H on both sides comes from my days playing hs football. Only the guys that played in that era for my hometown will know the meaning behind that one. So if your out and about and somebody says something about your "Gucci Goat Scoot" they are only saying "Cool Hog" so don't sick your babe on them.

So with that Brahs I am going to call it. May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome, Amen.

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