• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Caliche Trolls in Weatherford Texas

Good Monday Morning. What a great week I had, got to visit my son in Kentucky. He is a Park Ranger at the Land Between the Lakes (LBL) National Recreation Area. What a beautiful place. He gave us the grand tour which included some of the hidden treasures in the area. I currently live back in West Texas and had forgot what trees look like. The Kentucky and Tennessee LBL Park had lots of beautiful trees. West Texas may never be the same to me. My wife and I had a great time. However it did keep me out of the studio. So my newspapers got all reruns this week. Which leads me to this guy.

This guy is a "Caliche Troll". He is a character I invented to go along with a book I plan on illustrating and writing when I finally retire and get to spend my full time in the studio. The Claiche Trolls live in the Soldier Spring Park in Weatherford Texas. My youngest son used to play baseball on the little league baseball field which are above the Soldier Spring Park. I used to do a some jogging and walking in the Park which has some great inclines, and trees. It is a beautiful park very well maintained by the City of Weatherford. It also has a great history from being a camp ground for Confederate Soldiers to being a caliche pit and even the city dump ground. I noticed a clearing among the trees one day. It was an area surrounded by trees and very well hidden. There was a colorful ball laying in the clearing and it caught my eye when I walked by. I would never have discovered the troll town had I not see the ball. I walking in the trees to investigate what the bright red color was that I had noticed. The area had no growth in it and was about a 20 foot circle with a 2 foot mound of dirt around it. After I walked into the recess and noticed how secluded it was in the trees I thought, this would be a great place for trolls to hide. That is how the story of the Caliche Trolls got started. With my mind it was easy to come up with the story of the trolls and even the illustration props I want to use in the story. I have sat on this story for 17 years and will be able to release in a couple of years when I finally get to go full time with my art.

So if you are ever in Weatherford Texas and need a place to relax look up the Soldier Spring Park and walk around, just do not let your p&j sandwiches lay unattended. If you just happen to have any spare baseballs just toss them in the woods. After all Trolls need clothes too.

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