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Border Patrol; "Security or not Security, that is the question."

Good Monday + 1. Things got a little busier than I had planned on for a Monday, so time slipped away. After spending all day looking at the computer going over new database training for my day job my old eyeballs could not handle sitting here blogging on Monday after work. Anyway that is my excuse, guess I am playing the old fart card.

What a weekend. After surviving the winter storm in Texas, and we did not have the problems the rest of the state did. It got down to -7 which is extreme for us and stayed frozen for 8 days. However in West Texas we are not part of the main power grid the rest of Texas is in so we only lost power twice and it was for about 15 minutes each time. The shower water lines on the north side of the house did start to freeze up, however we lucked out and discovered it and was able to get it thawed so we dodged that bullet. My son in Houston was without power for 4.5 days in freezing weather. My son in Kentucky water pipes froze and burst so he had problems. I have been in Texas over 60 years and I have never seen anything like it. The main question is will the state upgrade the electrical grid or will they say that "it is a 100 year event and the upgrade is too expensive to justify". But for now everybody is running around in circles blaming everybody else, you'd think it is a presidential election.

This cartoon is for the Border Patrol and with Texas having 50% of the Mexico border it is a big thing in Texas. I have no idea how they can do a good job with it changing at the whim of each new administration. Then again I may find out myself since I work for the state in a government funded program. I am sure we are one whim away from having our job changed. The idea for this cartoons was easy. It was one of those that just came to me and I wrote it down and got with my wife to help me think of the narrative. Unlike some of the others were it takes a considerable amount of time to get the concept down. However this one has a political influence and political cartoons are easy since most politicians are idiots and liars. I can just look at the news and come up with a dozen a day, but then again you have to be careful which news you watch. While the concept itself was easy I did struggle getting the sketch completed. I couldn't decide on having the agents backs to the audience and the leader in front making the announcement or having him to the side. I went for the side view as in the sketch so I could show the faces of the agents. Then I struggled with getting the perspective on the agents then on the amount of agents to include. After I had the characters in place I then started working on the props. I had the sketch completed and was thinking of more props. I was searching on the net for what the inside of government buildings might have. Then it hit me, my state inspector training takes place in a government building in OKC, so what kind of props do they always have on the wall? It was a duh moment, they always have a picture of the president. So between the flags I put in the basement dweller. This changed my whole perspective on the cartoon. Had I originally thought of him I would have went with the agents backs to the audience that way I could have a bigger deal with the wall portrait. However it is what it is and I did not have time to redo the sketch I was already 3 hours late on my allotted cartoon art time. So I went with it. Jim Donahue the publisher of CopBlue loved it so I guess I did something right. I always review completed work and try to decided what I should have done differently. So it is not one of my favorites, guess I am thinking the portrait should have more emphasis. Any so as my coon-ass buddies used to say, "Phoot dar it is." And do not ask me to translate that since I still have no dam idea what it means.

Stay safe and warm. May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome. Amen.

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