• Steve and Melissa Burnett

Big Fish require Big Equipment

Good Monday, ugh bring on more coffee. Guess I lost my mind Saturday we went out dancing with the Shop-Till-You-Drop-Christmas crowd. It wasn't as bad as Walmart on the day after Christmas but it was bad enough. Further proof that I lost my mind, as least temporarily I hope, is we came home with a new cat for Christmas. A cat! I did not see that coming. How in the hell do you wrap a cat?

This cartoon is still a focus on the crazy world we live in. I even heard a commentator on TV talk about Police Reform and one of the demands from this group was to include fewer arrest as a "new police reform policy". Here is a shocker, how about committing fewer crimes to cut down on arrest. Are people really that stupid? I guess the answer is yes since the TV station runs that demand as a paid for TV commercial. Anyway back to the cartoon. So Saturday, before our shopping spree, we are up early and I have noting on my cartoon radar. I have glanced over my book of toon ideas and nothing is speaking to me. So I have a set-down with the brains of this operation and we bat around some ideas while drinking our morning coffee. This cartoon starts to evolve as we get on the subject of what defunding the police might look like. We always want to take the cartoon to over the top in the concept and I love doing transportation props so, bam, this one is born. The whole process while pretty intense on batting ideas back and forth, however it only took 30 minutes, but a great job on the team front. Then of course I am just a rambler and not a wordsmith so my partner has to chisel out the narrative for this one just like she does on all my work. The only struggle I had, besides doing the entire watercolor in one day, was sketching the cop so he looks like he is walking. Sometimes the little things can trip you up. I started the sketch before the shopping trip so the sketch sat over night which is seldom the process since I am always pushed for time. I forgot how much it helps my sketching for me to let it set then come back and work on it some more. In the narrative of "smaller criminals" as in most of work I am shooting for a hidden meaning. The concept for smaller criminals to aide in pulling the rickshaw around, is the base concept, however the secondary meaning would be that to defund the police so they are handicapped in performing their duties is going to allow the bigger criminals to get away. The tattoos are always fun, I like to use Cactus 101 on my criminals arm. That was the drilling rig on High Island 474 when I first went to work in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979. And yes they had a bundle of criminals working on it. The vest has the names of our two cats on it. Two cats! What is my world coming to? I will probably end up having to hock my firearms to buy kitty liter.

I am open for marketing ideas if any readers have any suggestions. I always get a much better response from my cartoon "Blue" than I do for any of my cartoons. I have no idea why, that is just a fact.

May your boots be dry your coffee fresh and your gloves new for all else we can overcome. Amen. (Except maybe two cats)

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