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Ace Reid Cow vs Fort Worth Stock Show Winner

Good Monday Morning. It looks like a good week for me, finally a home game. My day job will be from home this week with only one day on the road, yee haw, sleeping in my own bed. Sleeping in any bed has been a problem for the past month and half with my back problems haunting me, but new meds have me at least sleeping at night. You never know how much you need sleep until you cannot get any at night. So much for my problems lets tune in to a toon.

Sometimes a toon will really surprise me with how much feedback they get. I have mentioned before that is also how I can tell I have a hit. I just have not quiet figured out how to take advantage of the hit, but a hit it is. This cartoon has over 9k hits on my two social medias and 120 comments and I have not even put it on twitter nor wimkin. That is a new record for my cartoons and this one goes to the top of my list for the color 2022 CRUDE Calendar.

This cartoon is based on a conversation I had with some pipeline inspectors on one of my jobs this summer. I joked with them about keeping the trench cleaned out. I was taken back with the conversation that kicked of with stories like this cartoon. It also remined me of my dad telling oilfield stories about anytime a cow would get into one of the oilfield pits they used to dig it was always the most expensive show cow the owner ever had, and of course they paid the price for the show cow. Most of the comments on social media are stories just like that. One even talked about a gate that got left open overnight. The landowner claimed his prized buck he had been feeding escaped and the pipeline had to pay $50k for a deer nobody ever saw. The stories also reminded me of some of the cartoons that Ace Reid would do in his "Cowpokes" series. So for my cow in this cartoon I actually used one of the Ace Reid cows, it also has an AR brand on it and an old cowboy smoking a broken cigarette, like Ace Reid's cowboys. So thanks Ace, I do appreciate your influence. I have been meaning to talk to his son again and try to get in touch with his widow in Kerrville. I also added one of my snakes, poor rascals they never get 9K hits nor even one comment guess I need to throw them in the pipeline trench.

This cartoon also got some strange feedback that I have gotten before when I was doing editorial work. In the cartoon I wanted to reference the Fort Worth Stock Show because the steer won an enormous amount of money. Which is great I love stock shows and when I lived in the DFW metro mess I made it to several of the Fort Worth Stock Shows. So I referenced the Fort Worth Stock show to contrast with my Ace Reid cow. I had no idea that the actual Fort Worth Stock Show Steer winning owner was a reader of one of the newspapers that run my cartoons. So as many of my cartoons do they seem to provoke an unexpected response from a reader. This reader whom is the actual Winner of the Fort Worth Stock Show and had the $300,000 Steer was seeing hidden meaning in my work and confronted the newspaper editor that ran the cartoon. I have no idea how that conversation went with the editor but I would have enjoyed getting to listen to it. Just like the time city of Hudson Oaks was going to sue the Weatherford Democrat for one of my cartoons. So the editor gave me a call to see why and how I was taking a shot at the winner of the Fort Worth Stock Show. I explained the cartoon to him and told him it was not a shot at the winner of the Fort Worth Stock Show but just a reference point for how much pipelines have to pay in hidden damages. We both had a good laugh about the whole situation. I explained to him that the Weatherford Democrat started publishing a disclaimer with my cartoons and they might want to consider the same option. He just laughed and said they were not there yet. However I thought after hanging up, he may want to reconsider, as soon as the snowflakes start seeing my politically incorrect cartoons they might just riot and burn down the city.

Anyway stay safe out there. I offer my oilfield prayer for this week. May your boots be dry, your coffee fresh and your gloves new, for all else we can overcome, Amen.

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