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5:00 Am, Coffee Time

Monday morning 5:00 am today is my transition day. I go from a weekend of cartoons and art stuff to my day job. Monday is when I sit down with my leftover taquitos and my morning coffee, and think "dam where did the week go." Between my cartooning on the weekends and my weekly day job I work 7 days a week. Not that I am complaining I do enjoy them both, but it does not leave much time for my wife. We are on this high speed roller coaster for a few years and hopefully can turn the weekend job into a full time income. Oh the 5:00 am that is just the time my body/mind is programmed to get up. That is from working in the Gulf of Mexico over 15 years for Pennzoil when everything happened based on a 12 hour shift. I was either getting up at 5:00 am to get ready to go on tower or was getting off a night shift getting ready to go to bed. I am amazed that after 35 years I still cannot change that. If I go back to sleep past 5:00 am my mind thinks I am coming off a night shift and it is very hard to wake up and function. I warned you I was a rambler on my blog, so it is off for more coffee for me. When I met my wife she was always telling me to get my ducks in a row, I explained to her that I have no ducks. Mine are chickens, guineas, geese, turtles and fish, and they will not get in a row. People have said that working out of the box is my greatest asset, to which I reply, "what box?" Ok, now the coffee.

I would like to give a shout out the Oilman Magazine has been carrying my CRUDE cartoons for about 4 years. It is a great oilfield publication that keeps up with the petroleum industries issues. I appreciate the support and respect they show my work. Thanks Oilman Magazine. https://oilmanmagazine.com/crude-cartoons/. My new cartoon Blue cartoon is now being carried on the CooBLue website. I am very flattered and somewhat taken back to discover they are using my cartoons for inspiration for feature articles. I have never had that happen. In all my past years doing editorial cartoons that was not an issue. Thanks CopBlue for the new level of respect. https://copblue.com/the-circus-is-in-town/

In my editorial cartooning days I did have one experience when I was doing an editorial for the North Texas Daily when I was going back to school after my oilfield days. I was 38 years old so did not really have the perspective of the North Texas Daily's 23 year old editor. She insisted that my cartoons were supposed to be an illustration of whatever her editorial topic for the day was. My argument for my case was editorial cartoons are a stand alone commentary and did not illustrate nor reflect what the editor was writing about. She then would give me a short list of topics that my cartoons were supposed to cover and she would writer her editorial based on my cartoon selection from her list. Ugh, that did not happen either, editorial cartoons are stand alone editorials so I cartooned what ever I wanted to, which was based on my 38 years of life experiences. However my editorial days for the North Texas Daily did not last. I ran into the a professor who was referred to as the; "Art History Nazi". So I had to streamline my time in order to pass his class. I was also driving back and forth from Weatherford Texas, taking 18 hours of classes, working 35 hours a week and raising 3 sons so time was tight. Now that I think about it, this new roller coaster does not seem too bad after all. Have a great week. If you have any cartoon ideas send them to me. Thanks.

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