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Steve Burnett has been cartooning since childhood. He grew up in the oilfields of west Texas and learned to respect the value of hard work. With a humorist for a father, he also learned that a dose of comedy makes everything better. The major influences on his cartooning style were the Ace Reid Cowpokes cartoons, the Dirk West sports cartoons and V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop comic. In addition to creating all the cartoons, Steve is the public face of Sun Mesa, in charge of sales and marketing.



Designer/Photographer/Chief of Practicalities

Melissa Burnett runs the website, writes the blog, does layout and design and keeps Sun Mesa Studios afloat. She's also the photographer behind our prints for sale and most of the photos on the website. She's a reader, writer and dreamer at heart, but she's still the one Steve counts on to keep Sun Mesa's ducks marching in the right direction.



Quality Control Manager/Department of Complaints

Rufus is a valued team member here at Sun Mesa, making sure every product is up to his exacting specifications and listening patiently to any complaints from either customers or co-workers. He works for tuna and is open for anything, as long as it doesn't interfere with his nap.


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